How to: Halloweek with work

It is a tragic reality that many of us face: major assignments due during Halloweek. Hard as it is to believe, there are papers, tests, thesis chapters, midterms, problems, and/or presentations, due or occurring this week: the (second?) most beloved week of our student body. It’s questionable what’s worse: a major grade-defining paper due Thursday, aka the day after the WEDNESDAY of Halloweek, or an equally major midterm on Friday, aka the day after ACTUAL HALLOWEEN. Things due next Monday are of a similar (though in my opinion, preferable) situation. The question isn’t “can we still go out?” It’s how are we going to make it happen?


Hallo-Whisko is non-negotiabe.

Tips on making it happen after the jump:

1) Failure isn’t an option. Your mentality has to be positive. This is really not a philosophical suggestion—I can’t remember right now if I believe with the whole visualize success/happiness-and-it will-come-to-you argument. You have to maintain this mentality because there literally isn’t time to stress. You have to be working on said assignment! If  you’re thinking you may not finish in time, then you’re not thinking about the assignment. Also, I kind of do buy the visualization argument. Your assignment is now due Wednesday at 8 p.m., i.e. before the beginning of Hallo-week. It’s happening. PLAN.


2) Go far, far away. Don’t come back until Wednesday. Seriously though, get your work done off-off-campus, away from distractions. There isn’t time to stare at acquaintance-of-a-friend or a doppelganger-of-roommate in Blue State! You can’t be chit-chatting in the SciLi! You need to be ready for action Wednesday night, so remove yourself from campus until then. If you can make it to Seven Stars Bakery or that one cafe you like in Wayland Square to study/write/do-math-things, do it. Being far from campus makes you both feel like you have to stay and get shit done, and minimizes the amount of socializing and people-watching that can be done.

3) Do Not Disturb. Leave your phone at home. This will prevent you from looking at it all the time, texting people when you hit a roadblock, and checking Facebook/Instagram/your email every five minutes, thereby making you, statistically, a thousand times more productive. If you have an iPhone, you probably suffer from iPhone separation anxiety. Answer: Do Not Disturb, which is a function I’m pretty sure everyone knew about but me. In case you are as inept as I was a few weeks ago, going to Settings and switching DND on means your phone will not make noise or light up or react to things, but will still exist and receive all communication.

4) To go, please. All your meals should be eaten near your work. I just ate a burger in the Rock computer lab. It’s fine. I have stuff to do. I can’t be sitting around eating where the food is produced! Exception: coffee shops.

5) All your costumes should already have been planned. You have no time to devote to Halloweek ideas until after this work is done, but if you get it all done with no super-fun-amazing-hilarious costume to put on the end, it will just be sad. If you haven’t got it all prepared, here are times you can think about your costume: while refilling your coffee cup, walking back to your dorm from the library, in class (duh), or that minute before you fall asleep when you always have the most brilliant ideas.

Best of luck to all Halloweek workers. Know that you’re not alone.

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