Secret Study Space: Vol. V

photo 5

Curious about the photo? Click here.

With midterms breathing down their necks, most students have reluctantly decided to (shudder) study. While there are a few things that make this sleep-inducing activity enjoyable, going to the Rock or SciLi is certainly not one of them. Rows of tired faces, lack of outlets and an undercurrent of tension and stress make for a horrible horrible study space. So what’s the alternative? Allow me to (re)introduce—secret study spaces. These spots are wonderfully isolated, quiet and are the elixir for boosting your academic productivity. (Find the picture of our newest secret study space after the jump.)

Take for instance this secluded nook. With bright lighting, comfortable straight back chairs and a table large enough to hold a laptop and a couple of books, this is a perfect study haven. While it lacks a view it makes up for it by bringing the greenery inside, and the potted plants will reassuringly sway as you burn the midnight oil.

Just a small caveat—in order to keep the above corner really secret, this post doesn’t disclose it’s location. But don’t despair, with just a little detective work, you’ll soon find it.


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