Web Civ: Facebook updates chat, avid Facebook chatters rejoice

THE WORLD MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE NOWFacebook has officially changed the Facebook chat game: Zuckerberg & Co. unveiled a new chat feature this morning. Now you can see whether your friends are using Facebook on their mobile devices or their computers.

Why is this such an exciting change? There are often disconnects between those who are chatting on different devices. Those on phones may give shorter responses (since the app takes a while to load/open on phones) since they’re likely…well, mobile. They also may be purposely trying to resist the temptation to go on Facebook on their computers. Those who are chatting on their computers are able to type a lot in a shorter period of time, and thus may seem to be bombarding people who are logged into Facebook on their phones—perhaps accidentally—who may not have time to read and respond to messages with the same amount of thought and detail.

TechCrunch reported Facebook was “currently testing” this feature, but it seems to have already affected numerous students’ Facebook accounts. This update seems like a marginal one, but it’s actually a very important one: now you’ll know whether it’s just more convenient to text your friends rather than carrying multiple conversations on different apps at the same time. Then again, if you’re a frequent computer user, there’s always G-Chat.

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