Sextion: A happy Spanks-giving to you all

SextionEditorial Disclaimer: This post has been created by college students for college students.  It has been rated NC-17 for its sexual nature and anatomically graphic references. Please proceed at your own risk. Thanks for reading! Love, BlogDH

As we sit down to our lovely Thanksgiving feasts with our families and friends, we must think about the things in our lives for which we are thankful. Last year, we were thankful for my tips on hickey removal before we went home to Mom and Dad. This year, I am of course thankful for sex. But even more than that, I am thankful to find partners who are receptive to trying new things in the bedroom, that I feel comfortable sharing my personal desires and kinks with, and who are open to enacting those fantasies that tend to remain tucked up inside my head. One such fantasy is spanking, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that. In the spirit of this most wonderful holiday, I am here to give you Monica’s Spanks-giving tips. Whether you’re seasoned in the art of spanking or new to the practice, these tips should help ensure you and your partner make the most out of this most wicked activity!

1. Assume the position: Whether you want to throw the spankee over the knee (OTK), lean them over a table or chair or against a wall, or have them on all fours, it is important that they tip their buttocks up and keep their back concave. Not only is this aesthetically pleasing, it ensures that only the fleshiest (and safest!) part of the butt is spanked while keeping the tailbone protected.

2. Know your playing field: It is important to keep this activity safe, so you don’t just want to go spank-happy! As said above, the fleshiest part of the butt is safest, so you want to stay in this area. Going higher risks injuring the kidneys or tail bone, and too low risks injuring the genitals. If you’re a visual learner like me, here’s a helpful diagram:

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Thanks for the visual, tumblr!

3. Work your way up: Especially for those who are new to being spanked, it is important to start slowly and lightly, warming them up to more intense spanking. Always begin using the hands gently at first and then progress into harder spanks before moving up to other objects like paddles. A large part of the thrill for the spankee is anticipation, so there is no need to rush here. Take your time, alternating between cheeks and varying the intensity of contact.

4. Connect with your partner: An important thing to keep in mind when spanking is to be engaged with your partner, making the actions less mechanical. A great way to do this is through talking, specifically dirty talking. Many people who want to get spanked feel a certain thrill in being punished. So tell them exactly what naughty thing(s) they did that they’re being punished for (“You ate the last of my Jo’s mozzarella sticks, you’re in for it now!”). If it fits into your role play, telling them how hot they look will also go a long way. In addition, be sure to stop and touch the spankee, gently touching their backside, as well as their genitals, nipples, and other erogenous zones. And, as always, connecting with your partner means listening for safe words or other signals that indicate that you may need to stop or slow it down. Consent has to be maintained throughout the entire process and should be discussed before engaging in this activity.

5. The Come Down: When the two of you agree that the spanking is over, be sure to rub the backside with your hands and massage it to cool down the inflamed area and induce healing. Help the spankee get their bearings—let them lean against you if need be. Give them words of encouragement and soothing touches. It’s important that everyone feel good about the experience and to not let the violent physical acts deter from the feelings of support and care afterwards.

Have a great Spanks-giving all. I am thankful for each and every one of you!

<3 Monica

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