Useless Rankings: Brown ranked #1 most progressive school


In a completely subjective ranking by, Brown has been deemed the most progressive school in the nation. Considering we’ve dipped our toes in the top lists of sexiest, hipster-est, and happiest schools–just to name a few–it only makes sense that we’d come out on top in an all-encompassing ranking of liberality and forward-thinking. Being labeled as the “most progressive” basically covers all the artsy/alternative/offbeat/generalize-as-you-will bases in one foul sweep. In other words, Brown continues to be regarded as the shit.

The ranking credits Brown for our token moves that all seem to involve the word “sex”–SexPowerGod, classes about psychedelic drugs and sex, FemSex and M-Sex, and to accompany them all, and a solid photo of Consent Day with the classic “Consensual sex is hot” neon tees. Screw U.S. News & World Report–Her Campus refers to our most impressive ranking as the #2 school on Trojan’s Sexual Health Report Card of 2012. Caroline Bologna ’14 hit the nail on the head with her contributing quote to Her Campus, explaining that we aren’t just cool for being receptive to nude mural painting: “The most progressive part about Brown is that there’s no social pressure to engage or not engage in certain behaviors.”

Her Campus wraps up the bit on Brown with a classic: “Really, anything goes.” So Brown has no rules, no requirements at all, no grades, and tons of naked parties? Wrong. But if that’s going to contribute to our progressive tendencies, then let us say, “fuck it.”

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  1. John Doe

    After seeing the editors of TBDH scrub clean all mention of their misdeeds I kind of understand how people can think they are so progressive. Propaganda and reworking history go hand in hand with progressive ideals. Ends justify the means.

    I of course am writing in reference to this pearl of an article and discussion that it seems the TBDH is desperately trying to ‘disappear’ as if we were in cuba or something.

  2. Kevin O. Grier

    College Hill, BDH, Everett, Sayles, Quevedo, Wickendon, Loui’s Pizza, Benefit St.

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