12 Days of Flogmas, Day Seven: Faunce computers

(BlogDH) Flog Printer

When it comes to school computers, there’s really no wrong way to use them. Wanna watch Netflix in the SciLi clusters? Power to you—may I suggest Scandal? Want to use your entire printing budget to print out your textbook? Screw the bookstore, amirite? Hell, if you’re going to even use the SunLab to check your Neopets account, we’ll be the first to join you.

But there’s a special place in non-denominational hell for people who use the Faunce computers for work rather than printing.

Now, I’m sure you have some very valid reason to be on the Faunce computers right now. From peaking over your shoulder, I’m sure it’s incredibly pressing that you review for your neuro final now, or Facebook-stalk the entirety of that photo album. And as someone who suffers from serious cases of both procrastination and FOMO, I’m really not in a position to tell you how to spend your online alone-time. 

But there’s a whole line of people behind you trying to print things out, and as fun as reading the Hafferneffer display for the 14th time is (actually though, it’s pretty awesome and everyone should check it out), I really need to print out my bus ticket/final paper/problem set.

So in case you missed the passive-aggressive sign hanging above these monitors, here’s another handy flowchart to help you decide whether your computer use is appropriate:


In case you missed the ‘sharing’ lesson in Kindergarten



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