Little Victories at Brown: Finals edition

(BlogDH) Little Victories

With finals in full swing, we thought a third and final round of Little Victories was a very necessary way to finish out the semester. Blog has been a little pessimistic with our 12 Days of Flogmas. We’re here give you a pick-me-up and remind you that the only reason you think you hate this place right now is because it’s finals—it’s definitely not because you actually hate it (you love it here, I promise). We present to you a holiday/finals themed round of Little Victories. You got dis!

1. When you get the free pizza at the Rock and the SciLi. Such a solid study break kept our somber students as happy as clams. If there’s one thing college students love, it’s free shit. Everyone knows that the best kind of free shit is free food. And how great are those mini-brownies they put out? It’s Domino’s pizza, too, a very high quality and expensive brand ( 😉 ). This is a prime example of Brown showing that it cares about us.

2. When you witness the Naked Donut Run by pure chance. The Naked Donut Run happens unannounced twice a year. That means that you have eight opportunities to witness it during your tenure at Brown (if you go abroad, only seven). The NDR is basically as anticipated as Beyoncé’s surprise album. Generally, you have no idea when it’s going to happen, but you know it has to happen. When a completely nude guy saunters up to you, toting his paper plate o’ donuts out of the blue, your jaw drops—you’re smiling, you’re laughing, and you’re always thinking, “wow, I love Brown” all at once.

3. When you find an empty JWW classroom to work in. During finals, study spaces are scarce. Odds are that you’re too lazy to snoop out the location of a secret study space, and everywhere common seems to be taken. We all know JWW classrooms are always full, so why bother checking to see if you can get lucky? Well, sometimes you do. A spare classroom is ready for your taking. At first you can’t believe your good fortune–you rub your eyes in disbelief; look in every nook and cranny, perhaps, under the table even, to make sure some student isn’t hiding/isn’t unconscious. There is no better feeling than putting your legs up, blasting your music, and getting down to work with the renewed vigor that comes from perfect solitude.

4. When you walk outside at night and the shuttle is essentially waiting for you. We know we’ve talked enough about the weather. But we can’t help but say it: it’s really fucking cold outside. Walking back from a study marathon at the Rock is cold and lonely. Your tired feet start to complain before they’re even put to work. Something magical happens when the shuttle arrives the moment you step out from the cozy (eh?) library. Alas, a chariot from god.

5. When a professor receives a great round of applause after their final class (I live for the applause). It’s easy to simply bolt out of a classroom and never look back (been there, done that). When the oppressed and burdened students starts applauding their professor, you know shit got real. The pressure that comes with finals can make us forget how amazing a class was. These few seconds of “thank you” won’t throw off your study schedule, but will definitely make your professor’s day.

6. When you randomly encounter the cheery spirit of the Brown Band. You hear the strident call of a trumpet. Then, the distant rumbling of drums coming closer and closer. Everyone in the room begins to look around… what is this? Where is it coming from? And then, like children on Christmas morning, everyone runs to the window to figure out WTH is going on. It’s none other than the Brown Band, rhapsodizing with merriment! The gloom that is finals week momentarily alleviates.

Also, you become Tom circa 500 Days of Summer during this scene.

Also, you become Tom circa 500 Days of Summer during this scene.

7. When you walk past the candles in the windows of University Hall. Whenever I bring this up to people, they always ask me if they’re real candles. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure they’re plastic. But then again, so was Regina George, and she still managed to be known as the prettiest girl at North Shore High School. Nothing says holiday cheer like every single window of one of the grandest campus buildings lit with two perfectly centered candles. It just puts you in the mood. No, not that mood (or maybe that mood… to each his own).

8. When you turn in a final paper and you get “that feeling.” Your academic life flashes before your eyes. Months of attending class, staying awake in lectures, staying awake researching at night, staying awake writing in the Rock… you get the idea. Pressing “send” on a submission is a scary thing. As you press it, a tremendous burden has been replaced by another laurel in your wreath. There’s no turning back now, baby!

9. When your meal plan perfectly aligns itself with the semester’s culmination. Though this rarely, RARELY happens, it’s important to recognize its victoriousness if/when it does. Seriously, what are the odds? Every semester you either run out of credits and points with a solid month left, or you go home with a useless “gift card” of 100 unused meals at the Ratty. You don’t keep track of your meal plan balance all semester and check with one week left, prepared for a cringe-worthy statistic, and come to the epiphany that you’ll probably have three or four swipes left over. If you’ve experienced this victory, snaps for you.

10. When you’re not sure if you made too bold a move by saying hi to someone you only kinda know in passing, but they say hi back and you feel super nice and friendly. You know, something along those lines. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with spreading some holiday cheer. This moment is glorious. Cherubs sing “Hallelujah” and you realize how great it feels to not be awkward for the first time since, like, ever.

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