And that’s a wrap


From our family to yours, happy winter.

As you may have noticed, this finals period was ripe with the kind of catharsis typically associated with your favorite campus publication. We flogged for 12 days, sat down with Dean Bergeron, and introduced your Class of 2014 Senior Superlatives. But, alas, winter break is now upon us; we’re going to be slowing down our regular posting with the semester’s end. Don’t go too far—we’ll be posting periodically throughout the month with relevant updates and funsies (like our Facebook page for those).

Next semester, current Chairman of the Board Will Janover ’15 will be taking the reins as editor-in-chief after returning from studying abroad in Argentina. Janover will take BlogDH to new heights as he strikes an effective balance between (possibly over-)using hashtags, wearing aggressively large fur coats, blogging about Jesse Watters, and working with an incredible editorial team. He promises to not just Skype into meetings next term.

David Oyer ’16 will continue to serve as BlogDH’s managing editor and the only Oakland A’s fan on campus. He also will likely continue to go head-to-head with our other writers about romcoms he hates but everyone else loves, and who knows? Maybe he’ll even write a little bit about sports. Joining David as a second managing editor is BlogDH’s resident foodie, Georgia Tollin ’15. After returning from a semester of sampling the cuisine of Copenhagen, Denmark, Georgia will pick up right where she left off and resume chowing down at Brown.

BlogDailyHerald’s deputy managing editors Charlotte Bilski ’16, who often thinks she’s a dog and/or cat, and Ana Colon ’14, Brown’s biggest Mindy Kaling fangirlwill welcome our favourite expat Deena Butt ’16 as BlogDH’s newest DME. Also, Jason Hu ’15 will continue in his post as creative director. He’ll continue to fuel your procrastination by making interactive banners and graphics, but with KBerge’s recent departure, he’ll be trying to figure out who he’s going to be photoshopping next.

We’ll be coming at you in January better than ever and raring to go. Stay tuned. In the meantime, have an enjoyable and restful break. See you soon!

All our love,

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