BlogDH’s 10 most popular posts of 2013


2013 was certainly chock full of fun and happenings: we had 12 days of Spring Weekend and 12 days of Flogmas, costume contests, stickers, meetings with key administrators, a Community Forum (also with key administrators), same-sex marriage legislation in the state of Rhode Island, several rounds of BergeMash, a visit from Jesse Watters, Kendrick and A-Trak (and Big Freedia), a lot of Girls recaps, gastronomical adventures, fun whilst drunk/sober/high, and everything in between. This year was an eventful one, and we’ve had a blast riding it out with you all.

In order to usher in the new year, we thought we’d recap some of our most popular posts of 2013. Without further ado, here are our most read articles of this past year:

10) Little Victories at Brown: Finals edition


This Little Victories post helped to offset the negativity that radiated from our 12 Days of Flogmas series. As grueling as finals period may be, there certainly are moments in which we feel on top of the world.

9) Music for studying: A review of “The Great Gatsby” soundtrack

This track-by-track review of The Great Gatsby soundtrack was published right in the middle of finals period during spring semester. Needless to say, this post explains why we saw several people writing their papers to Lana Del Rey’s “Young and Beautiful” and crying in the Rock. Well, maybe the latter was just because it was finals…

8) Useless Rankings: Brown ranked #1 most progressive school ranked us the #1 most progressive school. Not too surprising, but still very flattering nonetheless. Yay us!

7) Bill Nye tickets will become available tomorrow

In which we gave you the deets about Lecture Board’s new ticketing system. Three cheers for no more long lines in Kasper Multipurpose Room: HIP HIP, HOORAY!

As for the lecture itself? Bill Nye was a huge hit. He even called up Neil DeGrasse Tyson in the middle of the lecture. Sick.

You can see Neil DeGrasse Tyson's name on his NyePhone!

You can see Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s name on his NyePhone!

6) BlogDH Cribs: The Meat Mansion

In our second episode of BlogDH Cribs, we took a trip to the Meat Mansion. We saw the kegs, the cars, and the TV systems. Our video was even featured on BroBible.

5) Sextion: Sex on your period


4) Brian Griffin, former Brown student and loving family dog, dies at 8

We  were stricken with grief when we heard the sad news about the Griffins’ loving dog on Family Guy. However, we soon learned that Brian didn’t actually die, because Stewie was able to go back in time and save him from being struck by a car. Very realistic.

Ain't got time for that.

Permanent death? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

3) Class of 2014 Senior Superlatives: Results 

In our first ever Senior Superlatives, 30 seniors were selected across 30 different categories after a fierce round of voting (see #1). They also photoshopped themselves into awesome pictures. All 30 seniors wear their titles proudly.

2) Sextion: Four of your most sensitive body parts to enjoy this Valentine’s Day

Also self-explanatory.

1) Class of 2014 Senior Superlatives: Voting 

It seems that senior camaraderie and a little friendly competition really spoke to y’all. Voting came down to the wire; all of your attempts to vote from multiple browsers and IP addresses actually crashed our server and made this our most read post ever. Thanks for playing.

Cheers to a Brunonian 2014 that’s equally exciting and insane as 2013. In Berge We Trust.

Happy New Year! Drank.

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