Chow Down Brown: We’re drooling at Andrews Commons’ menu

pizza at andrews commons

Most of us aren’t even back on campus yet, but one good look at Andrew Commons‘ menu had us salivating from our respective homes all over the globe.

That’s right—Andrews Commons, which is set to open Wednesday, January 22 (i.e. the first day of classes), is the latest and greatest player in the campus dining game. If Chef Aaron Fitzenry’s Twitter feed (@ChefAaronFitz) isn’t any indication, the information on the Andrews Common webpage sure is. For one, the Gate’s successor is open from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Think of it as the love child of the Blue Room and Jo’s—business by day, party by night. Equally important, its menu kicks campus eatery butt.

We know many of you are still grieving the closing of the Gate, but hear us out. On Andrews Commons’ webpage, it prefaces its food options with a claim that the eatery will continue “paying homage to the Gate,” which basically means: Pizzas. Pizzas, everywhere… and calzones, pasta, and paninis, too. That said, expect new and funky pizza selections: the specialty pizzas include the Upside Down Margherita, the Niman Ranch Bacon cheeseburger, the Salted pig, and the Honey Boo Boo. (When we find out what exactly are on these last two pies, we’ll let you know.)

Beyond the traditional Gate specialties, Andrews Commons is serving up great Asian fusion options. We’re talking Spicy Thai or Vietnamese pho at lunchtime with chicken, beef, or tofu & veggies; an Asian grille and stir fry station at night with spicy BBQ chicken, chicken & veggies, and other Asian culinary favorites;  yummy Thai curries with varieties such as green curry chicken and jungle vegetable yellow curry; and the usual sushi, noodle, and seaweed salad dishes we’ve seen at places like the Blue Room.

Stay tuned for updates about the latest campus game-changer in the coming days. Get ready to chow down, Brown.

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