Not a football fan? There’s always Puppy Bowl X


Happy Super Bowl Sunday! It’s your natural right to watch football, drink beer, and eat snacks today, because sports. But what if that football involved the snuggliest little puppy babies in lieu of the rough-and-tumble nature of professional football? Totally kosher.

Enter Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl X: it’s like Heavy Petting, but with “football.” In its tenth year, the Puppy Bowl is the greatest alternative to American football—instead of 300-hundred pound linebackers, the most adorable rescue pups frolic compete on a football field. This game has the same characteristics as a typical football game, but with an adorable twist: puppy penalties, touchdowns, a lot of fumbles (it’s a lot harder when you don’t have opposable thumbs), and the Bissel Kitten Halftime Show, at which an actual kitten will be “performing.”

Tune into Animal Planet at 3 p.m. (or live-stream it here) for your yearly dosage of cute—if you’re a doglover (guilty), or if you’re a Pats fan and just really hate Peyton Manning (also guilty), you can find comfort in these puppies duking it out and leaving nothing on the field (…we hope). Find some of the puppies competing in today’s contest after the jump. 

Name: Bach
Age: 14 weeks
Breed: Bernedoodle
(Yes, that’s a Bernese Mountain Dog/Poodle mix, and yes, we’re obsessed with it.)


Name: Delachaise
Age: 14 weeks
Breed: Pit Bull Mix

hudson-32544_0879Name: Hudson
Age: 14 weeks
Breed: Great Pyrenees

lily-32544_4836Name: Lily
Breed: Bassett Hound
Age: 14 weeks

Check out the full lineup for today’s sports spectacle here.

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  1. I love the Puppy Bowl 10. Wile I watch it my Father watches the Broncos win the Super Bowle. Go Puppy’s & Kitty’s.

  2. Now that the news surrounding the commercials is as big, or bigger than the game itself, Newcastle has already won the newsjacking award. Brilliant.

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