The different types of college Facebook album titles


The hardest part of muploading is, without a doubt, choosing a proper title for your Facebook photo album. Naming it seems as important to our generation as naming your first child. You know your title is something everyone will inevitably stumble across during their daily Facebook trolling. While you will never be judged upon your album name nearly as harshly as you will be by the blurry reminders of last weekend’s events that it contains, you can’t deny that an ample amount of thought goes into its christening.

You can take your title in a multitude of directions. Some name albums like a Nicholas Sparks book of nostalgic college memories, which usually just makes other people uncomfortable. How deep can a collection of iPhone photos, all showing the same ten people sitting on the floor of a dorm room and holding red cups be? Others give a total of zero fucks and go wild with the nomenclature–preaching school spirit, spitting puns, and tryna turn up as much as one possibly can on Facebook. Ultimately, the many traps of album naming the average college student falls into can be categorized neatly.

Together, the writers of BlogDH collected the best examples we found from our Facebook friends around the country —actually, around the world — to break down this millennial art for you. Read our epic catalogue after the jump:

First, we have to clear the air and address the outright offensive titles:

  • Martin Luther King Jr. (Ed. Is this for junior year of high school? Are you serious?)
  • señors

Of course, some abstain from this process whatsoever. Hence, we give you the uncreative titles:

  • iOS Photos

These must be the punniest, the cleverest, and, at the same time, shout “I’M A WORLDLY BITCH”… the overdone abroad titles:

  • Czech Me Out
  • Anything / // french ~ with unnecessary ~~ tilde things or eDgy mizzpellings **
  • Bau$tralia
  • Dopenhagen
  • €uro travelz
  • Standing in front of important things
  • A broad, abroad

Because it’s so unclear from your muploads if you’re in a sorority or not, you absolutely must make the Greek life titles:

  • living the beSDT life!!
  • Allow Me To ReintroΔΔΔuce Myself
  • LΘVE
  • Up iΠ the ClΦuds
  • America’s Phinest

Some people want to remind us that it’s cold (as if we didn’t know that, either) with the Polar Vortex titles:

  • Welcome to ann arBURR
  • life in ann arbtica
  • It’s goin down. I’m yellin tundrAA

These speak for themselves… the obnoxious school spirit titles:

  • Here we go AAgain
  • You’re miching out (take 2)
  • the michigan difference
  • MICH u mom and dad. lol jk
  • we bAAck
  • when UMICH upon a star
  • The Bluer The Better
  • Go Blue or Go Home
  • UWish you went to UMich
  • Do UMich me? (Ed. Wow, we really are hating on the University of Michigan)
  • throw my hands in tha-ayer (the lone Brown entrant)
  • Cornellolololol (Sixth Man has some feelings about this)

Know of any other cringe-worthy (yet totally tempting to steal) album titles? Post them in the comments!


  1. brown '15

    You missed out on the most common, cringe-worthy, abroad album names:

    – I crossed the pond

  2. Caitlin Dorman

    I’m Euro Peein’

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