Blind Bears: BlogDH’s new dating game

UPDATEA previous version of this post contained inappropriately cited language in its instructions for contacting Blind Bears. It has since been amended. BlogDailyHerald sincerely regrets the error.

House of Cards Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and the singledom that seemed so appealing during our Halloween shenanigans is beginning to look a little bleak in the gray February light. These days, it seems that finding a significant other is as difficult as finding a summer internship (read: near impossible), and, let’s be real, Brown Admirers can really only get you so far in the dating world.

So we decided to take things into our own hands: enter Blind Bears. In a new column inspired by NYU Local’s Now Kiss, we’re offering you the chance to be set up on blind dates with your fellow students. Here’s how it works:

  1. Give us some info about yourself and the kind of person you’d like to be matched with here.
  2. Behind the scenes, we will pair you with a fellow Brunonian. We’ll let you know where and when you will be meeting your date.
  3. Enjoy your date, on us! (Ed. Don’t expect Al Forno).
  4. Email about how it went (and be ready to answer a few questions).
  5. The next post of Blind Bears will star Y.O.U.

Whether your date ends in an awkward handshake or leads to a Facebook official relationship, at least you put yourself out there. At the end of the day, we just want y’all to have fun. Happy dating!

Please only submit if you are Brown University students. Only those logged into their email addresses will be able to access the spreadsheet. All names in the article may be changed upon request. 

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