Blog Odds: What will happen to the Gate’s space?


While we’ve enjoyed the nice offerings of Andrews Commons the New Gate these last few weeks, we’ve also lamented the loss of the original Gate’s quaintness, its dim lighting, and its Choco Tacos. It seems, however, that it’s time to move on. What better way to grieve than to speculate recklessly on what will happen next to the now empty space in Alumnae Hall? It’s time for Blog Odds.

New eatery- 25:1
If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Student therapy room for Intro to MCM-induced angst and realization of arbitrariness of universe- 200:1
Derrida, Derrida. Foucault.

A refuge for sexiles- 300:1
They need to go somewhere.

Gourmet Hell- 4:1

Room devoted exclusively to Blind Bears dates- 7:1 

Dungeon for public figures we don’t want on our campus35:1
This will most likely take some convincing.

Bergeron memorial/shrine- 9:1
The Gate wasn’t the only thing we lost this semester.

Some kind of administrative office- 12:1

Student lounge/study space- 18:1
It wouldn’t hurt to have one more of these on campus.

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