Meet BlogDailyHerald’s newest staff members

It’s the most wonderful time of the year semester. It’s the time when we sift through dozens of applications and, after a selective process, decide who the snarky bear’s new muses will be. Spring 2014 was a particularly competitive year, and we could not be happier with the results. Not only do we have 3 fabulous new writers, but we also, for the first time, have a full-time creative team and a copywriter. Together, they’ll be taking BlogDailyHerald to previously-unknown heights, and we can’t wait to see what they do. Oh, and did we mention they’re all zombies?

Valdez Shaun of the Dead

When he’s not adding another pair of Warby Parkers to his ever expanding glasses collection, you can count on finding Mark Valdez ’15 — a native Texan (yet mistaken New Yorker) binge watching his TV comedy favorites on Netflix. These include the classic: 30 Rock, The Office, Parks and Recreation combo, but make sure not to forget his all time favorite: Saturday Night Live (the show for which he may or may not have camped out 3 days in order to watch live — worth it). On any given day, Mark a.k.a Marky Mark a.k.a Markus can be found huddled behind his Macbook in the Blue Room, writing for the BDH, BlogDailyHerald, or the comedic web series he’s making on his own. If you ever get the chance to pull him away from all the work he has, you’ll be welcomed by a warm smile and an impeccable fashion sense. But watch out, if you make a grammatical mistake on Facebook or “forget” to respond to his text message, his inner wrath will come out in the form of a beautifully worded, grammatically-perfect letter (thanks to all those creative non-fiction classes he’s been taking). If you don’t step on his toes, however, plan on seeing that literary charm grace the webpage of BlogDailyHerald as he writes about all things entertainment.


JD Nathanson ’16: John David, or JD (as he is known to the world), is not your regular P-town local. Since the Georgetown life was not glamorous enough, JD transferred to Brown to seek his favorite kind of people: divas. When JD is not scoffing at people who wear those fugly Ugg boots, JD might be in the Blue Room pretending to check his phone as he people-watches. This diva needs his stage, and it comes as no surprise that JD’s superpower of choice would be the ability to snap his fingers and be instantly washed up for bed. JD’s jam would have to be Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love,” since it is literally the only song he’s listened to since November. JD might seem like a straight shooter, double-concentrating in Comparative Literature and VISA, but he is known for his creativity and pushing the envelope. JD pushed the envelope a bit too far recently, getting kicked out of a Beyoncé concert and subsequently banned from Mohegan Sun for life for excessive fanboying. Message jdanimalman33 yourself for further details.


If you were to look for Brian Semel ’16 on campus, you would find him eating chocolate in his bed with Netflix open and asking the aether why not enough people watch American Horror Story. He comes to BlogDH as an American Studies concentrator, and is most excited to write about how Tina Fey will fix global warming. He has no nickname, which makes him cry every day, but he likes to think of himself as Brown University’s Resident Whiner. His spirit animal is a combination of Jessica Steans-Gail and Rafiki from the Lion King, and he is drawn towards people who watched Jimmy Neutron when they were children. He cannot stand snow, people who wear socks with pajamas, or when automatic sinks and hand dryers don’t register his existence. He’s having a hard time with the fire alarm in his room which goes off sporadically throughout the night, and is asking the Brown community to email him with suggestions on how to fix this problem.

Jesse Eisenberg stars in Columbia Pictures' comedy ZOMBIELAND.

Camilla Brandfield-Harvey ’15: Cammy (Camera, Chameleon or any suffix added to Cam-) deserves a warm welcome to Brown. As a Spring 2014 transfer, Cammy has studied everywhere: a big city in Texas, a boarding school outside of Boston, an Ivy League somewhere in Pennsylvania, and a college in England. Cammy is finally here, ready to become the best copywriter at BlogDH. An English concentrator, Cammy is keen on literary allusions, ready to throw in a Kerouac, Austen, or Fitzgerald reference on a moment’s notice. While she’s loving the here-and-now, she wouldn’t mind being able to time travel to attend a Gatsby-esque party and be whisked away by a handsome man in a silver car. Though a romantic at heart, she can double as Olivia Pope with her scandalous sleuthing skills. Describing herself as a forward person who believes “There’s nothing to lose if you don’t get out there — you’ll just stay where you are,” Cammy isn’t up for any malarkey.


Arely Diaz ’17 is a true LA native. She’s thinking of concentrating in Political Science, but since it’s only her first year at Brown, she has plenty of time to decide. Specializing in photoshopping her friend’s heads onto celebrities, she’s one of the new members of the creative team. Her proudest moment was Faceswapping herself in a picture next to Obama and sending it to him in a letter. Unfortunately, he didn’t respond. If you want to find Arely around campus, you might be out of luck, because she is a self-proclaimed “nomad,” never staying in one place for too long. She may not have a frequent haunt on campus, but if garlic breadsticks (her favorite food) are on the menu at the Ratty, you can be sure to find Arely there with a heaping plate. Arely’s spirit animal is an ostrich; as someone who tries to avoid conflict, she really relates to the whole “stick your head in the sand” thing. When asked for a fun fact about herself, she told us that she recently got her tongue snipped because it was “fully attached to the bottom of her mouth.” After finishing her Blue Room chocolate chip cookie, she was happy to show me the proof.

perez L4 Dead

Frida Perez ’17 is so cutting edge, her role on BlogDH didn’t exist until she got here (the prestigious and highly coveted position of “Creative Video Person.”) And let me tell you, this chick is a go-getter. Only a Freshman, Frida (or Frilda, as those of us honored to know her call her), is pursuing a degree in MCM, is already a producer at BMP, a programmer for IFF, and she’s the perfect girl for Y-O-U. Might I suggest tempting her with one of her favorite pastimes? Maybe an intimate evening complete with Bon Iver and falafel? Or crying about MCM while watching House of Cards? If things go well, maybe this Bronx native will introduce you to her chihuahua, Coco, while reading your mind (which would be her desired super power if she could have one). Turnoffs include people who use this emoticon, “XD” (as Frida says, “like, seriously, WTF?”) and people who take shit too seriously. But what can you expect from someone whose spirit animal is Bill Murray and whose middle school screen name was smiley9x?

girl zombie The Walking Dead AMC tv show image

Danielle Perelman ’17, a Pittsburgh native, was a chess prodigy that competed in tournaments and had an actual national ranking when she was in kindergarten. Now that her chess days are over, she spends her time watching Homeland and wishing she had telekinesis. Danielle’s biggest achievement thus far was meeting Channing Tatum at an airport. While she waits for Channing to reappear in her life (this time, hopefully forever), she will continue to play guitar and do all the things that people with a pink dolphin as a spirit animal do.


This sophomore Computer Science-Economics concentrator from Mill Valley, California has just joined the creative team, where he hopes to make weird shit. Though you can likely find Albie Brown ’16  coding in the CIT, Albie, otherwise known as Walbie for his “wild side,” is quite the adventure-seeker and innovator. It reaches such an extent that his friends “like to imagine that [he] would form [his] own species one day.” Albie is so keen on adventure that he worries for those less exploratory. He has “FOMO for other people” and is always drawn to creative types who don’t do mundane things. One might also find Albie anywhere near eggs, his favorite food. With “eggmonster” as his first AIM screen name, Albie has made eggs a part of his virtual existence. One might see Albie as a mover and a shaker, but he’s really more of a Maker: Albie is passionate about The Maker Movement, whose aim is to reclaim technology for the people. He and his sister have organized Maker Fairs in Ghana and India and they’re genuinely excited about bringing together “people who do cool things in the same space.” Albie can likely invent a game-changing tool, which explains why he doesn’t need a superpower or “anything fancy.” Until he does invent the next best thing, Albie maintains a holiday monopoly here at Brown, leading Sigma Chi as Father Christmas despite his Jewish background.