BruNews: Tuesday, March 4


President Obama sent Congress his $3.9 trillion budget for the 2015 fiscal year today. The budget includes tax boosts for the wealthy and some corporations, as well as increased spending on domestic infrastructure like road building and education. However, the White House forecasted that the unemployment rate, which is currently at 6.6%, would not dip below 6% before 2017.

Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Kiev today, pledging $1 billion in American loans to help Ukraine help offset the reduction of Russian energy subsidies. The prime minister of Crimea said that most Ukrainian military units had surrendered and pledged allegiance to the pro-Russian government. Local Crimean officials are now drafting a referendum on independence from Ukraine, scheduled for March 30.

Facebook is in negotiations to buy drone manufacturer Titan Aerospace for approximately $60 million, according to a TechCrunch report released yesterday. Speculators believe Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will use the drones to aid, Zuckerberg’s effort to get everyone in the world on the Internet.

Researchers brought back to life a 30,000 year-old Siberian virus, according to the National Academy of Sciences. The virus was found in northeast Siberia’s permafrost, suggesting that dangerous viruses once thought extinct may reemerge as permafrost thaws due to climate change.

Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan ruled in favor of Chevron in a 20-year case regarding Chevron’s pollution of the Ecuadorean rainforest. The Judge pointed to fraud and corruption in the Ecuadorean judicial system as his main reason for dismissing the $9.5 billion lawsuit.

Iranian pop star Googoosh released a song addressing a homosexual relationship. Watch the video here.

A new metal bilayer that only needs a small shift in temperature to alter its magnetism was presented yesterday at the American Physical Society meeting in Denver. The material has the potential to transform computer hard drives.

A senior aide to British Prime Minister David Cameron was arrested on child pornography charges today.

Arunachalam Muruganantham, a school dropout from a poor family in southern India, invented a low-cost machine used to produce sanitary towels. A 2011 Nielsen survey found that 12% of Indian women use sanitary pads. Many don’t because they are either too expensive or not available.

A 10-year-old Ohio boy was suspended from school for three days for pretending his finger was a gun and pointing it at another student’s head.

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe Giudice, pled guilty to federal fraud charges earlier today.

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear (D) announced today that he will hire outside attorneys to appeal the decision granting legal recognition in Kentucky to same-sex couples married in other states and countries.

Indian rickshaw driver Bunty Sharma stabbed and killed his American wife Erin Willinger before blowing himself up in their home in the northern Indian city of Agra.

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