Shoes of Brown: The Facebook page with soles

1904148_271240356374927_159885156_nBefore this week, we’re sure you never thought that shoes could be a window into the sole soul. Since its recent launch, however, Shoes of Brown—Brown’s latest community Facebook page—has created a space for Brown students to think critically about the sheer profundity of shoes: as a commodity, as a means of self-expression, and, perhaps most importantly, as a tie to other Brown students. These themes appear to resonate with members of the Brown Community; the page has earned 400+ “likes” in its first few days of existing on the interwebz.

Like the several other pages that “showcase” members of the Brunonian sphere (i.e. HumansJews), Shoes of Brown promises to give shoes a voice by “showcasing your favorite shoes at your favorite university.” Below, we include some posts of your favorite shoes at Brown. We also sit down with the page’s creator, who has chosen to remain anonymous, to gain further insight into the impact that shoes have at Brown. We hope that such a feature will allow you to walk a mile in these Brunonians’ shoes. These are their stories.

BlogDH: What inspired you to create the page?
Shoes of Brown: Every shoe is different. We know that. The goal of Shoes of Brown, however, was to celebrate our similarities. Shoes are the foundation of our lives, the very substance that supports our souls. What better way to create community than through a Facebook page that gives people a chance to express themselves?

BlogDH: What do you hope to come out of creating the page?
Shoes of Brown: This sole purpose of this page is to give people a chance to be creative while defining what makes them shoe-ish.

BlogDH: Are you partial to any type of shoe in particular?
Shoes of Brown: I like my shoes to be confident but sensitive. Having a sense humor is always a plus. I like shoes that can walk the walk.

BlogDH: Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? Can you take a picture of them for us?
Shoes of Brown: I try not to pick favorites — every shoe has something unique to offer. But if you promise not to tell the rest of my collection, I’d have to go with my chacos. We’ve spent a lot of time on the road together and really grown to trust and appreciate one another. I would share a photo of them with you, but they’re camera shy.

BlogDH: Anything else you want to tell us?
Shoes of Brown: Laces are a common thread that tie shoes together, but it’s just one part of the complex identities of the shoes we photograph and interview. Fundamentally, we’re passionate about footwear. Each new interviewee gives us a shoe story that will forever impact our lives. Shoes at Brown are from all different walks of life. Their pasts are inextricably tied to our futures. Please reach out to us on Facebook if you’d like to be featured—you will knot regret it.  [Ed– ugh.]

And with that… let’s get some shoes.

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