It Takes Two: Lupita Rios ’17 and Monica Trevino ’17



Lupita (left) and Monica (right) are known for their dark, wavy, side-swept hair, their almond-shaped eyes, and their distinct facial shape/adorable chin. They were extremely enthusiastic about meeting their doppelgangers, and looked as though they were having more fun during their interview than Bradley Cooper did participating in the “selfie of the century.”

Lupita: [Upon approaching Monica] Oh my god, this is too funny.
BlogDH: Did you guys know it was each other?
Monica: Not really. But someone showed me you [Lupita] on Instagram and were like, “Look! She looks like you!”
L: No… once someone saw me, and they, like, called me your name… they were like “Monica!”
M: Oh my god, that’s so funny.

M: Where are you from?
L: I’m from Texas.
M: Wait, me too!!!
L: Wait, maybe we’re long lost sisters. [Pause] You look good!!!
M: Thanks, you too!!!
L: Now I can compliment you and, like, compliment myself too.
M: Yeah, it’s fun.

L: Do you like Ryan Gosling?
M: I think he kinda has a weird face.
L: I’m kinda in love with Ryan Gosling.
M: I like his movies though.

L: Are you by any chance addicted to coffee?
M: Not really. Caffeine doesn’t have an effect on me… but I like it!

L: Do you… think Texas is a country?
M: You know sometimes, it really feels like it is!
L: You’re like my Mexican version.

M: What was the last album you bought?
L: Album? I’m not big at keeping up with albums or music.

L: If you had a boyfriend, would you be interested in sharing him since we look alike?
M: It’s college! Why not?!
L: Yeah, I mean we do go to Brown…

M: How do you feel about Crocs?
L: Are you about to tell me you love them?
M: No! I hate them!
L: Ok, good, me too.
M: They’re like the ugliest shoes ever!

M: Have you ever built a snow man?
L: I have, and it was really sad. I can’t even roll a freaking snowball since I’m from Texas. The little snowball just never grows. [Pause, looks at Monica] I should have worn blue today!

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