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*Cue accent from the Capitol* Let the games begin!

In case you didn’t already know, the Housing Lottery has moved to a completely online process. ResCouncil has started giving info sessions for how to approach the housing games. Luckily for everyone who didn’t make it, BlogDH was there to record some essential facts.

You have until March 20 to enter the lottery with your group. If you are looking for other people to enter the lottery with, be sure to check out ResCouncil’s Facebook event “Roommate Connecting.” It’s guaranteed to be at least slightly less anxiety-inducing than a Blind Bears date!

When you pick your group leader, you are picking the person that will select all of the rooms for your housing group. You want to pick someone that is responsible and generally available from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., as those are the times that the lottery will be taking place (April 7 through April 10). If there is an emergency or a serious conflict and the selected person cannot get online to choose your rooms, you can contact Reslife and change your group leader.

Your group should receive a lottery number AND a lottery time slot. Your lottery number will just give you a sense of your ranking in the student body participating in the process. Your lottery time slot is much more important, as it will tell you what specific time your group leader needs to be on the lottery website to select rooms. Each group will get a specific 3 minute time slot. After three minutes, you can still select a room, but the group that has the next slot will also be allowed onto the system. Be aware that unless you have the first time slot, it is possible that you will log on to a system that already has the previous time slot’s group leader on it. That being said, there is no priority for time slots once you are selecting a room in those minutes; it is entirely about who clicks first. It is in your best interest to act as quickly as possible.

Definitely do not spend your 3 minutes searching for rooms. Do your research beforehand to prepare a list of rooms that your group is interested in (plans A-Z), and keep up with the browsing tool on the lottery website to see which rooms are being taken and which rooms are still available. The best plan of attack for choosing dorms is by looking at the floor plans, which can be found here (although the probability bar has not been updated). If you want to drop down in the lottery, you would use your 3 minutes to select “drop down”, and if the other group approves that action through the website, your group joins their time slot. For those of you that are nervous about working the website, ResLife should be releasing a demo video soon to walk students through the process.

ResCouncil commented: “We think 3 minutes is a good buffer for people with bad internet.  Last year, you had 30 seconds and were standing in front of everyone in Sayles.” We at BlogDH can definitely agree that the lottery in Sayles was madness.

There are three categories for available dormitories: Freshman housing, Sophomore housing, and Upperclassmen housing. Because all of the communities have different designated dorms, you are only competing with people in your semester level for rooms. All sophomores are guaranteed housing at the close of the lottery, but there is still summer assignment for rising juniors.

An important change: Wayland will now be only freshman! The two Wayland suites will not be in the lottery this year, and probably will be reserved for SEAS. In other dorm news, the French and Spanish House programs have filled Machado, so there will not be Machado rooms in the lottery. Additionally, 111 Brown has gone to West House. ResCouncil’s website should be updated soon with the lists for each year’s housing, but here is a sense of what it will look like:

Freshmen: Keeney, Wayland, Emery, Wooley, Morris, Champlin, Andrews, Miller, Metcalf

Sophomores: Plantation House, New Pembroke 3 & 4, Buxton, Chapin, Diman, Marcy, Olney, Sears, Goddard, Harkness, Buxton, Caswell, Littlefield, Hope, Barbour Hall and Apartments, Minden (triples and quads), Perkins

Juniors and Seniors: 315 Thayer, New Pembroke 1 & 2, Grad Center, New Dorm, Young Orchard 2 & 4 & 10, Hegeman, Slater, Minden (singles and doubles)

Some miscellaneous facts and tips:

  • If you select a furnished common room, you will pay a suite fee.
  • If your room has its own bathroom, you are responsible for cleaning it.
  • If you are going abroad in the fall, you can swap rooms with someone who is going abroad in the spring, to avoid a hot mess.
  • Your group has to pick enough beds to accommodate everyone, but you do not all have to live together.
  • You can only select rooms that you can fill.  Two people cannot pick 2/3 of a triple.
  • If you are planning on going off meal plan next year, make sure to check out the various kitchens in your possible dorms.
  • You can only put two different gendered individuals in a double if that dormitory is gender neutral.
  • Sophomores should beware passing to avoid Perkins, because if you defer to summer assignment, you will probably just end up there anyway.
  • With the exception of the spanking new 315 Thayer, the dorm buildings at Brown are old. There are critters living among us, and we’ll have to deal. Accept it, move on, and try not to be bitter that the ants in your bathroom didn’t have to go through the housing lottery process to live on Wriston.

For more lottery info in the future, including the announcement of Summer 2o14 renovations, stay tuned to BlogDH’s ongoing coverage of the Housing Games!

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