12 Days of Spring Weekend: Prepare yourselves for What Cheer? Brigade


The headliners of Spring Weekend get a lot of attention. Diplo is cool and all, but there are those who have been by our side for years on this weekend, and they deserve to be appreciated. No—sorry for the confusion, but we are not talking about Binder. We’re talking about What Cheer? Brigade, who will be returning this year to play early Friday evening on Spring Weekend. Check out their music here.

What Cheer? is a Providence-based 19-piece brass band—in their words, they “require no amplification, proving that great parties need no electricity.” THEY’RE ECO-FRIENDLY! What Cheer? is also the only act to not take the stage. Instead, they gather around Sayles Hall in a blob, and the audience surrounds them. Their sound is really high energy, so be prepared to break a sweat jumping up and getting down. (And breaking a sweat is probably just what we need considering the unclear weather forecast for April 11th.)

For those who have yet to experience the glory that is a What Cheer? performance, dancing to a brass band is a fantastic, apeshit time. What Cheer? should be your motivator to get on the Green early next week. We could go on about how their sound is a self-described mix of “Bollywood, The Balkans, New Orleans, Samba and Hip Hop.” We could also talk about how they wear wild outfits and and have hilarious nicknames like “Chop Chop the Chimp,” who is now known as “Dead Chop Chop” (RIP). However, we’re not going to go on about any of that stuff, because thanks to our “Find Your Friends” album from last year, we can show you just how good of a time we had.





So yeah, we guess you can say that we had fun with What Cheer? Brigade last year. See you crazy kids on Main Green on the 11th, and check out the album “We Blow, You Suck.”

Images via, via Emily Gilbert ’14.

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