Introducing: The Dean Hotel

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After much anticipation, The Dean Hotel officially opened in downtown Providence on April 3rd with one of the hipper after-parties Fountain Street has ever seen (there was a large, yellow snake involved). In the past few months, The Dean has caught the attention of The New York Times and T Magazine, but now the time has come for the student body to reap the benefits of this local commodity. Why should you check out The Dean Hotel? How is it going to reshape the way you experience Providence as a college town? The Dean has everything the young collegian’s heart could possibly desire. We love The Dean. Let us count the ways.


1. The Dean is a hotel that is inspired by, well, us. The hotel has been carefully curated to exude an eggheaded vibe and the interior design achieves the perfect blend of Ivy League traditionalism and RISD-esque crafty eccentricity. The art, furniture, and objects that adorn the Dean warrant their own Art School(ed) post. The hotel’s website encourages Providence visitors to “come sleep with The Dean.” (How did they know about our crush on KBerge?!?) In reality, few of us will ever leave the twin XLs in our dorm rooms for The Dean’s bunkbeds, but the new hotel provides a viable option for visiting parents, and it outshines all of the other temporary lodging options in the city. The Dean follows in the footsteps of experiential New York hotels like the Ace Hotel and the Standard and brings a taste of that concrete jungle to the streets of downtown Providence, with its own New England twist.


2. Coffee practically fuels college, and The Dean seems to be fully aware of that. The hotel boasts a Bolt Coffee Company bar in the front of the building. You can take your artisanal coffee on the go or sip on it under the neon signage in the lobby library (complete with piles of groovy art books and monographs).

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3. PVD’s esteemed barman, Mike Sears, runs the show in The Magdalenae Room, the suave, lowlit cocktail lounge inside of The Dean. (Rhode Island Monthly deemed Sears “Providence’s culinary Salinger.”) A mural of nude women graces the lounge’s walls, harking back to New York classics like Café des Artistes and the Café Carlyle. The hotel insists that you “meet friends, strangers and lovers” in the pink glow of The Magdalenae Room.


4. The Dean is even outfitted with a beer hall entitled Faust, complete with sausages and Bavarian pretzels. It remains unclear whether or not they serve apfel streusel mit schlag. 


5. We’re so stoked about The Dean’s opening that we want to sing it from the rooftops. Luckily, they’ve got us covered with The Boombox, a karaoke bar inspired by the karaoke “boxes” of Seoul and Tokyo. You can finally have your moment pretending that you live in a Sofia Coppola movie, sipping on sake cocktails (for Boombox enthusiasts who are 21+).


Whether you’ve got pipes, a severe reliance on caffeine, or a craving for a Hofbräuhaus brew, you’ll be enamored with The Dean in no time. Long live The Dean.

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