Ra Ra Brunonia: Images of Brown

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Though Spring Week Weekend is now a thing of the past, the Brown University Library offers a unique tool to help you relive the moments of old (old truly being the operative word). The digital “Images of Brown” portal serves as a comprehensive database of images that captures the archival history of any and all that is affiliated with the University. Though I am sure you are quite overwhelmed by the frequency of the Ra Ra Brunonia column, there is always room for more. The vast archive holds images that range from buildings to athletic contest to campus-wide events—now you don’t even have to walk up to the Ladd Observatory (yes, we have an observatory). For all of you legacies out there, this is your chance to possibly dig up some serious dirt on the parents. Though this database could be construed as an antiquated form of Facebook stalking, let’s just tell ourselves that this is a (slightly) more productive method of procrastination. As such, we have compiled a number of images to give you a taste of all that the archive has to offer (but seriously, try to find your parents). Brown is truly an old institution and the database has the evidence to prove it. But, like a fine wine, Brown seems to have aged well. Scour away!

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Main Green circa 1879. Where are all my slack-liners at?!

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Faunce House, 1924. And people were complaining about Leung Gallery being silent; more rich mahogany… and Moose?

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Yes, this is Alexander Meiklejohn. And yes, that is a cricket bat.

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Campus Dance, 1886. The modern manifestation of the event seems to make up for the lack of horse-drawn carriages with even more lanterns.

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Campus View, 1908. Panorama not taken with iPhone 5.

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Spring Weekend, 1966. Anyone’s parents? Grandparents?

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Ladd Observatory, 1891. I told you we had one.

Until next time, Ra Ra Brunonia.

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