FALL2014: Course Superlatives


We have reached that point in the year when no one pays attention in lecture anymore, but this week, it’s for an understandable reason: it’s preregistration time. Everyone is perfecting their Banner carts during class, and thanks to the creativity (or lack thereof) of many professors, browsing the Fall 2014 course listings is infinitely more entertaining than lecture. We present another round of course superlatives:

Most doable:
ENGL0910: How to Read a Poem

Most difficult to convince your parents to spend tuition on:
ENGL1511: Scandalous Victorians
MUSC0607: Old-Time String Band

Most likely to dissuade you from concentrating in the department:
ENGN0130: The Engineer’s Burden: Why Changing the World is Difficult

Most identical twinning:
BIOL1050: Biology of the Eukaryotic Cell
BIOL2050: Biology of the Eukaryotic Cell

Most likely to lead to a first date:
ENGL0510: Coupling: The Literature of Courtship

Worst to take with your significant other:
COLT1440: Killer Love: Passion and Crime in Fiction and Film

Most all-encompassing:
ENGL0710: The Dead and the Living

Most pointless:
COLT0810: How Not to Be a Hero

Most unnecessary use of punctuation:
ARCH0220: Fake! History of the Inauthentic
MCM0800: Pirates!

Most roundabout way to get a robot to do your homework:
CSCI1410: Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Sounds most like child’s play but is really 3000-level:
BIOL3640: Doctoring 1

Most meta:
PHIL2110: Metaphysics, Metametaphysics and Commonsense World Pictures

Most triple-threat:
PHYS2020: Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Physics I

Most poetic:
LITR2010: Deep Rivers, Lost Roads, Bent Symbols: Poets and Poetry Outside the Frame

Most helpful for deciding whether to throw up a like on Instagram:
ENGN1610: Image Understanding

Most lost-in-translation:
EAST1270: China Through the Lens: History, Cinema and Critical Discourse 

Most hip slang:
HIAA1870: SoCal: Art in Los Angeles, 1945 to the Present 

Most—ooh, shiny!
GEOL0160: Diamonds

Biggest missed opportunities for course titling:
COLT2821: Metaphor
ENGL2561: Satire and Irony

Most likely to make you thirsty for a fruity cocktail:
HIST0970: Tropical Delights: Imagining Brazil in History and Culture

Best title for a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book:
BIOL0190: Phage Hunters, Part I

Most likely to be protested:
EDUC1740: Academic Freedom on Trial: A Century of Campus Controversies

Most helpful for imagining Brown 250+:
HIST1976: Seeing/Reading/Making Brown

Happy preregistration!

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