The Rib re-launches, and it’s funnier than ever

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Women (yeah, you heard me, women) can be hilarious, too. Since people like the executives at CBS fail to acknowledge it, some ladies have taken matters into their own hands. Enter Brown’s female-penned comedy blog The Rib.

In the spirit of comedy-writing heavyweights like Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling, the site’s writers and editors — including brilliant BlogDH staff writers Sydney Mondry ’15, Hannah Pasternak ’17, and Caitlin Dorman ’16— are covering everything from misfortunate hook-ups to yogurt. Founded by a couple of jet-setting gals back in 2011, The Rib set out to give the world a dose of funny with a feminine twist. Named as a jab at the “rib” God supposedly borrowed from Adam to make Eve, The Rib is bringing female comedy back into the conversation with its re-launch. With a great mix of writers spanning class years and comedic styles, The Rib is offering a fresh take on some of the most important topics and it’s hilarious. But, hey, why listen to me? I’m only a woman.

If you’re interested in writing for (or just talking about how much you love) The Rib, email

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