Overheard at ADOCH 2014


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Oh, ADOCH. On Tuesday we awaited the dewy-eyed admitted students you would bring, and now we sadly wave goodbye as you as your cheery participants leave us on trains and Peter Pan buses. It all went by so fast; one second we were offering prospies directions and our rendition of why Brown is hot shit amazing, and the next we were seeing our prefrosh and their sleeping bags out the door. Now that ADOCH is over, we can reflect on the good, the bad, and the brilliant that came out of the mouths of prefrosh and student, alike. We here at Blog made sure to keep our ears sharp, and here is what we heard:

Some were observational…

“I mean, libraries here are, like, not actual libraries…”

“Everyone here is soooo attractive oh my god”
“She’s actually studying piles of things.”
Some had legitimate questions…
“So when are we going to run into Emma Watson?”
“Aren’t like most of the classes here pass/fail or something?”
“What’s Sex Power God…?”
Others had questions that were, well…
“What’s a SciLi?”
“Can I ask you an intimate question… Do you ever hear weird noises when you’re trying to sleep?”
“I’m a pirate at heart… Oh my god, you too?!”

“Hi, how much is this spicy chicken and cheese sandwich *fumbles with actual dollar bills at the Jo’s register*?”


Some got bombarded by curious students…

“Do you like country music?” “Would you put a poster of Ronald Reagan on your wall?”

“I don’t know how to tell you where to go. I don’t go here.”

“Oh, I thought you were asking how I felt about studying.”

Some got a bit confident after three days in college…
“I guess I’m just going to have to text him, like, I’ll be out till one tonight. Sorry!”
“We’re in high school, we’ve seen it all.”
Some things got a little weird…
“Do you ever feel like a Mona Lisa on ice?”
“Your prefrosh is throwing up!!!” “I don’t have a prefrosh!”
Some let their raging hormones loose…
“He just told me that the only thing he likes more than sex is CatDog.”
“My prefrosh sexiled me at 12:45… p.m.”
“He just asked me, like, yeah, mind if I smash in here?”
But in the end, they all loved it.
“I love that everyone at Brown looks out [for] and cares about each other. I mean, I don’t even go here yet and you guys care about me.”

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