ADUCK: Visiting students of a different kind


Ducks. They’re so hot right now. Ducks.

It seems that not only humans want to go to Brown. Over the past few days, the Main Green has become the playground for two friendly ducks, and the SciLi the nest for another. Yeah, that large vase/pot in the Scili Desert surrounded by yellow police tape isn’t a crime scene or an MCM thesis. This vase allegedly has become the plush, feathery nest of a mother duck caring for her eggs. You heard right, friends. Soon, we will welcome a batch of ducklings to our school!!! (I wonder what they got on their SATs…)

IMG_9401It’s a beautiful thing whenever there is fresh life on campus (puppies, toddlers, or prospies). And for some, these ducks came as a godsend. We are in the midst of finals, and we need a daily dose of cute to make it through these trying times. I mean, you can always opt to drown your sorrows in consecutive spicy withs, or cry in Gail’s arms.

Or, you can be like me and chill outside of the SciLi to admire the beauty of (impending) motherhood.

These ducks are a reflection of Brown students’ best qualities: they are self-assured, graceful, and inquisitive. Just yesterday, I saw the Main Green pair gathering around a group of slack-liners and carefully observing their every movement. They have the same thirst for knowledge that we do. Oh, and can we all agree that the fact that someone created a safe space for the mother duck and her babies shows how gosh darn adorable the Brown community is?

The Sciducklings could be hatching any day now! Stay tuned for updates on the #royalduckwatch, and send your good vibes to Sciduck!

P.S. – Try to keep an eye out for any troublemakers harassing our feathery friends. Also, let’s collectively vow not to let Jesse Watters get within a 1 mile radius of our babies.

Images via Mariana Castro ’16.

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