In memoriam: Mark St. Louis ’15


In memory of Mark St. Louis ’15, BlogDailyHerald collected memories and reflections from his peers at Brown. See below for the kind remembrances they left.

I first met Mark the fall of 2012 at Friday Sob Opt when I was a new freshman on campus. I have this vivid memory of his teammates making fun of him for playing hard defense against me, even though that’s something I appreciated as a woman playing in a mixed-gender Ultimate game. I didn’t get the chance to know Mark personally after that, and when we met again during finals this past Spring for a game of hotbox, he introduced himself again to me as if we were meeting for the first time. But I noticed him all the time around campus riding his bike, tossing on the green with his teammates, always barefoot. It feels like it was just last week that I was struggling to keep up with Mark on Lincoln Field during our hotbox game. Playing frisbee with Mark was always incredibly fun and exhilarating because of his energy, and I imagine he kept everyone close to him on their toes. Everything about him seemed so bright. I bleed for his teammates, his friends, and of course, his family. I can’t imagine your loss and I hope you heal quickly. I’ll be thinking of you and Mark. 

– Ileana Wu 


Mark St. Louis, I’ll never forget the first time we met on December 1st 2011, at an art closing in List – you were wearing a beautiful brown leather jacket and were jaw dropping handsome so when your beautiful soulful eyes walked my way and started speaking to me, I looked around confused for what seemed like a minute because I couldn’t believe that the hottest guy in the room, no most handsome guy I’d ever seen in my 2 years at Brown was talking to me. I immediately fell in love with your name, wit, sincerity, our African and UWC connection and came to cherish those brief awkward but honest, deep/ personal and really caring conversations we had in passing until I graduated. You were a truly sweet sweet boy with a good heart who always brightened up my day and gave me the butterflies without fail, the world is going to miss you, I miss you and deeply regret not taking more time with you. Rest in peace beautiful one- you were cherished. 

 Gladys Ndagire



A neuroscientist by training, an engineer by heart yet with a philosopher soul, Mark St. Louis represented to me the true meaning of education. He is the perfect example of what people come to Brown for.

Last year, you could probably find him in legendary Jerry Daniels bioinstrumentation laboratory, coding a rover with Arduino, with the intention of then implementing that learning to his rehabilitation neuroscience research. While doing so, Mark, wearing his Brown Ultimate Frisbee jersey, would enthusiastically talk about Kierkegaard’s concept of freedom.

I knew Mark through many of my classes, as we shared common interests. He was a truly genuine person, a driven individual who loved learning for the sake of learning and understanding the unknown. I will always be thankful for meeting Mark and learning about his drive, mindset, passions and critical thinking without ever losing his unforgettable smile.

You will always remain in the minds, hearts, and lives you’ve touched.


More words from St. Louis’ friends, classmates, and teammates can be found here in the Herald.  A memorial service for Mark St. Louis will be held today,  July 26th at 4p.m. in Atlanta. Donations in his memory are encouraged to be made to the SpeakYourMind Foundation.


Photographs by Emily Gilbert ’14. 

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