Nominate candidates for this year’s Honorary Degrees!


As you may know, a few lucky individuals receive honorary degrees from Brown University at our Commencement ceremony each May. Past winners have ranged from Thomas Jefferson, to Nelson Mandela, to our very own Ruth Simmons. Needless to say, it would be an honor to join the ranks of these successful and talented people who have been recognized by the University for their excellence.

And now, Brunonia, it’s your turn to take matters into your hands. The Advisory Committee on Honorary Degrees invites you to share who you believe deserve this year’s degrees. According to the Committee, they “hope to identify individuals who have achieved unquestioned distinction in some field, especially an academic field, or whose contributions to the public good and human welfare are of sufficient magnitude to warrant recognition.  Individuals whose accomplishments are local or regional, as well as those of international renown, also are of interest to the Committee.”

Letters of nomination “should explain why Brown would wish to honor that individual at this time.  Initial letters of recommendation may be brief, but ultimately additional background information on the nominee in the form of a resume, curriculum vitae, or narrative will be important to consider.” These and any other related materials should be sent to the Committee on Honorary Degrees, c/o Ms. Cheryl Moreau, Office of Faculty Governance, Box 1830, 402 University Hall no later than September 22, 2014.

Let your voices be heard! Personally, we still have our sights set on seeing one Dave Binder take home a diploma…

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