A Cool Thing You Should Know About: Weirdgirl Art Creations


We all need a fun (non-alcoholic) activity once in a while, and at some points in your Brown career, the stimulation that Wickenden, Thayer and our beloved Providence Place Mall provide feels a little stale. Here is the most fun activity that you have probably forgotten: painting pre-made ceramics in a colour palette of your choice. Remember those amazing birthday parties/playdates where you would make ugly adorable gifts for your grandmother and have the best time doing it? (Boys probably don’t. Stupid gender normativity). There’s something to be said for having an art project which is mostly complete and you just get to add the fun finishing touches to.

You will be shocked and delighted to discover that a mere 17 minutes away is a paint-your-own-pottery store: “Art by You” at Weirdgirl Creations. I can’t even really explain why/how my roommates and I decided to experiment with an admittedly random craft project store in Barrington, RI, but I can tell you that it was such a good time and we will be heading back soon (partly because we have to go pick up our pieces which take 5-7 days, but also because it is the happiest place ever).

Even though at first you will be insecure in how good all the 8 year-olds are at painting ceramic owls and that maybe your colour choices don’t go together well, you will quickly remember that art class was a really good time. You’ll also learn new things about your friends, impossible to have known before; ie who was the high maintenance one who always needed new paint colours and brushes and changes of water, and who maybe was the ‘special’ kid when it came to motor control.

Weirdgirl is located at 33 Kent St, Barrington, RI, and you can call (401) 247-1397 for more info.

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