Why Flash Tats are the perfect college accessory


All the cool kids are wearing them. Flash Tats are kind of the next big thing, the Herschel backpacks of the accessory world. If you’re not one of the cool kids yet, Flash Tats are shiny temporary tattoos that look like jewelry—think of them as the lovechild of henna and those sparkly bracelet/scrunchie things.

You can buy Flash Tats online in different themed packs. They are a bit pricy, but you could always DIY it and tat yourself with a shiny sharpie. It wouldn’t be great for your skin, but let’s face it, Flash Tats probably aren’t either.

Despite being told that my Flash Tats make me resemble a middle-aged Hamptons mom, I rock them with pride. Read on for all the reasons that Flash Tats are the perfect way to accessorize in college:


1. They make you nostalgic for the good ol’ days of temporary tattoos.

Temporary tattoos were the shit in elementary school. Whoever gave out the coolest tats at their birthday party bathed in inky glory for the next week when everyone wore them to school. Flash Tats, I’m assuming, will be associated with the same level of popularity in college: whoever opens the newest collection at their pregame will likely be bought shots on shots for the rest of the night.

Peel, people, peel!

Respect the peel.

2. Flash Tats are so much fun to put on.

SO. MUCH. FUN. First you get to choose the perfect placement on your body, like OMG should it be on my lower upper arm or my upper lower arm?! Next, you peel the plastic off of the paper part. (Important note: peel the plastic off. If you don’t, the tattoos get tattooed onto the plastic instead of onto your skin, and you ruin the tattoo and then you feel bad about taking another one but you really want one because they’re so damn cool so you wait until everyone else leaves the room and put one on yourself, and then it ends up crooked. Not that I would know, or anything.) Then you find a friend or a rando and ask, “Will you get me wet?” — referring to the tattoo, of course — and hopefully the friend dabs your tat with a sponge for a minute. Finally, you slowly peel the paper off, and a perfect, shiny miracle is clinging to your skin. Like I said, SO FUN.

3. You don’t have to worry about putting on jewelry every morning.

What college student has time to accessorize before a 9 a.m. class? Enter FlashTats: put them on once, and you don’t have to worry about blinging out for at least 4 days. Mine have been on for a solid week and are still flashy AF. Flash Tats also make you instantly festival-chic — but no one can tell if you’re trying too hard or if someone just slapped one on you at party.

4. Avoid the awkward I-left-my-necklace-at-your-place exchange.

It’s difficult to accidentally leave jewelry on someone’s nightstand if said jewelry is stuck to your body. Flash Tats ensure that you won’t have to send that afternoon-after text asking for your necklace back, when you weren’t sure if you even wanted to see the person again.


5. Flash Tats are gender-neutral!

Like the bathrooms in Keeney, we’re not sure if this was how they were designed, but we make what we want of them anyway. Put the tats wherever you want, however you want—no one gives a flashing f*ck.

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