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In the Internet age, it’s often difficult to filter through the inordinate amount of content to find the best there is. Between the barrage of clickbait present on your Facebook newsfeed (can ANYONE tell me why Answers.com exists?) and the sheer massive amount of reporting available online, sometimes it’s easier to read no news than to find the news you want. 

Fear no more! Introducing: “What we’re reading,” a weekly column designed to streamline the sifting process by providing you with some of Blog’s favorite web content of the week. 

First off, “Rising the Juggernaut,” a piece in the Economist asking (and attempting to answer!) the question: “Has the Islamic State baited America into a campaign to wipe it out?”

Politico’s “Is It Time to Ditch the Star-Spangled Banner?” is not only pretty self-explanatory but also fascinating!

Quartz’s “Here’s how ‘disruptive innovation’ works in nature: a killing-machine fish has colonized reefs from Venezuela to Rhode Island,” is also extremely self-explanatory, given the Upworthy-length title.

ESPN anchor Hannah Storm said what everyone was thinking following the Ray Rice scandal.

The Entrepreneur Who Wants to Save Paradise,” Diana Severin’s feature in The Atlantic about Douglas Tompkins, the founder of Esprit and North Face, and his potentially-ethically-dangerous quest to build national parks in Chile and Argentina.

With November elections approaching, and immigration reform being the hot topic it is, “The case for open borders” by Vox’s Dylan Matthews is a must-read.

My Year As an Abortion Doula,” published in New York Magazine, is Alex Ronan ’14’s account of her…year as an abortion doula. The piece is refreshingly (at least explicitly) apolitical and offers a previously unheard of perspective.

A Discoverer as Elusive as His Particle,” the New York Times profile of Peter Higgs, the discoverer of the Higgs Boson particle, provides an understated, detailed picture of last year’s Nobel Prize in Physics winner.

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