President Paxson releases “Response to the Reports On the Events of October 29, 2013”



Earlier today, President Paxson released an extensive “Response to the Reports On the Events of October 29, 2013” in an email to the entire Brown Community. The response addresses the ongoing investigation of the campus events that surrounded then-New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly’s lecture at Brown. Paxson’s statement follows the two reports previously made by the investigative committee she charged to examine the lecture and the happenings that ensued last October.

In her email, Paxson reflects on how “this incident sparked often difficult discussions about critically important issues, including freedom of expression and the limits of protest; racism and the mistreatment of communities of color by police; and, ultimately, the kind of community we strive to be—issues with which the committee grappled in its work.” 

The response itself is divided into two sections. The first, Freedom of Expression and Protest at Brown, is intended to “reaffirm [the University’s] commitment to freedom of expression, which is essential in fulfilling the University’s mission. The second, Responses to the Committee’s Recommendations,”addresses the committee’s recommendations for Brown to cultivate a diverse and inclusive community while upholding our commitment to the free exchange of ideas.”

Read President Paxson’s entire response here.


  1. Recent Alum

    The link to the response doesn’t work. Is this only for access from the Brown network?

  2. Daniel Blount

    Brown University trustees must make Paxson understand that she is required in her job to act effectively, and to make concrete progress, and that it is woefully inadequate for her to appoint committees or to “release responses”. What will it take to make the trustees act? We assume that they understand this point, because most of them (except perhaps for Tisch, who is known to be a mediocre CEO) understand the necessity to be effective. But the trustees do not act in spite of this understanding. There are only two possible explanations. Either the trustees do not care enough about Brown University, or Paxson is dense and the trustees are unwilling to admit their mistakes in having appointed her (which then comes down to the trustees not caring enough, regardless).

  3. Georgia Tollin (Author)

    It should be working now! Thanks for the heads up!

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