5 things I learned from Jazz Jams

If someone were to ask you about Brown’s frat scene, how would you respond?

You might form an image of good ole Wriston and those dark basements that harbored grody sweat-fests. Certainly, the last thing to come to your mind would be what went down last night: Jazz Jams, hosted by Delta Tau (DTau, for colloquial purposes). This unlikely pairing of frat house rambunctiousness and jazz club sophistication created a unique ambiance that was surprisingly awesome. The Jazz Jams are twice-monthly events produced by The Jazz Sessions, a student group formed in 2011 by Matt Block ’13 and currently run by Ana Gonzalez ’15, Peter Enriquez ’16, Alex Han ’17, Zach Levine ’15, and Sumner Becker ’14. Jazz Jams have taken place all over Brown’s campus and the greater Providence area; notable venues include The Underground and Buxton. This is the first time Jazz Jams have ever been held at DTau. Here are a few conclusions I drew from the event:

1. Betches Brunonians love jazz. Everyone there was enjoying the music, whether they were focusing intensely on the sounds or grooving in their seats. There was a lot of applause after each solo, and each tune ended with a roar of shouting and clapping. A bunch of college kids vibing to jazz music at a frat house on a Wednesday night might sound unbelievable, but it was really happening last night.

2. Brown’s got talent! The musicians were excellent, whether they were soloing or supporting each other on the bandstand. The musicians were wailing out high notes, nailing intricate runs, singing their hearts out, and handling trickier tunes with ease.

Also, to whomever was playing the silver alto sax:


3. Frat houses aren’t always grimy. As a freshman, the vast majority of my frat experiences in the little time that I’ve been a Brown student have been gross. Very fun, but very gross. So, you could imagine my surprise when I walked in and found the crowd to be neatly organized in the DTau lounge. It wasn’t one hundred degrees inside; there was no profuse sweating; I didn’t feel like I was suffocating from the humidity. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before–the lounge was actually comfortable!

4. People actually come through on Wednesday nights. Coming from a very calm neighborhood, I had never been exposed to the idea of going out on weeknights. Because of this, going to a weeknight event was more of a joke than a legitimate thought. So, when I got to DTau, I wasn’t expecting much. Then, I walked in. The lounge was packed; people were either squeezing in the corners, sitting on the floor, or struggling to grab spots on the couches. And it was a Wednesday night!

5. Jazz violin is a thing.

And it’s pretty cool.

So, in conclusion, Jazz Jams at DTau was a success! If yesterday’s jam was any indicator, the shows to come will definitely be worth attending. So, until next time: you stay classy, Brunonians.

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  1. richemond

    Thanks for the shout out. I was playing the silver saxophone and I’m a graduate of University of Massachusetts Amherst. I had a great time and is hoping to play with the band members soon again. Please email me if you have questions or just want to chat cause I’m new to this area.

    Richemond Fabien

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