Imagine 250+: Ra Ra Brunonia: Brown Stadium


Today, students and alumni alike will make the seemingly transcontinental trek up Elmgrove Avenue — clearly a made up place — to watch our beloved Brown Bears take on the Harvard Winklevi in a rousing match of hand-egg (see below and take note).

At the tailgates, middle-aged men (and women! and phes!), sipping on their b-o-u-r-b-o-n, will be far drunker than is socially acceptable, and undergrads will leave behind an aluminum mess to rival that of the People’s Climate March. At game time, however, they will all pile into what is probably only the second biggest pure concrete structure on campus to watch some good ole’ fashioned American Football.


But what about that large-ish — seriously, the Scili puts everything in perspective — concrete structure we’re standing in during our beat-down of the Excellent Sheep from Cambridge? Brown Stadium, which no alum has paid to name after him/herself (yet), has an impressive history to it.

According to Encyclopedia Brunoniana, the stadium opened in its current location in 1925 and can actually fit up to 27,646 people. We were so excited about our new digs that in the stadium’s opening year, we decided everyone would have to come to us to play. We’re not lazy; we promise!

It was in 1925 that the Crimson first graced Providence with their presence, and it seems the entire state showed up: over 30,000 people were there to witness the 3-point Harvard victory, the largest crowd for a sporting event in Rhode Island ever. Take THAT, Providence Bruins and/or PawSox!

Brown Stadium doesn’t just serve our football team, either. Since 1971, a running track has circumscribed the gridiron so that our really, really fast classmates can burn their Ivy League counterparts in style.

It might not have the volume of the Big House, or the name of Death Valley, or the bizarre shape of the Yale Bowl, but Brown Stadium has a few things going for it: character (who wants an NFL-equivalent stadium anyway), clarity (no mistake who’s playing on Saturdays), and history (James Develin played here, come on!). Remember these qualities when the Porcellians of Cambridge come to town tomorrow, and let no one EVER fuck with Bruno like this again:


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