Brown gets buff: 5 ways to work exercise into your day-to-day life

Brown students are extremely busy, and it’s often hard to fit a workout into our schedules everyday. Luckily, life on College Hill is surprisingly conducive to a bit of on-the-run exercising. In reality, you don’t need a personal trainer, workout tape, or any fancy equipment – all you need is your body and a few easily-obtainable objects. To help you fight off that freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior 15, here are five ways to work a little exercise into your day-to-day life:

Rebel Wilson knows where it's at.

Exercise 1: Bicep Curls
Reps: 10, repeat 3 times
Where/when: A hydration station
Muscle groups exercised: Biceps (sort of)
How to do it: After filling up your Nalgene or Brown “Beyond the Bottle” water bottle, give it a couple of pumps to shape those biceps. Don’t forget to breathe!

Exercise 2: Butt Clenches
Reps: 10 x (#) of floors
Where/when: Walking up the stairs to class or your dorm
Muscle groups exercised: Glutes, Buttocks
How to do it: Clench ‘dat booty as you walk up the stairs. That’s right – clench and release, clench and release. From my experience this gets vaguely tiring once you pass the third floor.

Exercise 3: Jaw Strengthening
Reps: 15 x 2 pears
Where/when: During breakfast, lunch, or dinner in the dining hall
Muscle groups exercised: Jaw and digestive system
How to do it: Grab one of the rock-hard pears from the VDub and chow down. That’ll be sure to give your jaw a solid workout. New to this exercise and need to ease in? Massage your pear for 30 seconds and then proceed.

Exercise 4: Lunges
Reps: How ever many it takes you to cross a various green
Where/when: On your way to class
Muscle groups exercised: Quads, hamstrings, buttocks
How to do it: Instead of simply walking, do lunges as you walk from class-to-class. Put your hands on your hips or out to the side — it’s up to you! You might look incredibly stupid, but you’ll prove everyone wrong when you show off your new killer booty at Sex Power God come beach season.

Exercise 5: In-bed Abs
Reps: 10, repeat 3 times
Where/when: In bed, right after you wake up
Muscle groups exercised: Abdominals
How to do it: Wake up and have a good cat stretch. Staying in the lying down position, do a quick ab workout by lifting your legs up 6 inches off the ground. Move your legs in and out like you’re riding a bike. Scissor kick and swing them around. (That’s a thing, right?) Do this about 10 times per exercise, or until you get bored. Phew, you’re done! Now go back to sleep – you deserve it.

Now for some actual advice: Try to set a fitness routine and stick with it! Plan with a friend to go to the nearest satellite gym every Monday before class, or schedule time to run or swim a few afternoons a week. It can even be as quick as doing 20 push-ups and 20 crunches right before you head out of the door in the morning.

If you’re having trouble motivating or keeping yourself on track, consider taking a class at the Nelly or joining a fun, active group on campus. You’re bound to find something that gets you moving, whether it’s Brown’s Running Club, Ballroom Dance Club, or even our local Quidditch team, the Providence Ashwinders.

Stay fit, Brunonia!

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