Where to find Sex, Power, and God without SPG


The Queer Alliance announced last week that their annual dance party “Sex Power God” is cancelled this semester. If you had planned on getting your yearly dose of sex, power and God at SPG, fear not: Brown isn’t lacking in any of these categories. We have compiled a guide to fulfilling your sex-, power-, and God-related needs without SPG:


While SPG won’t be around to promote its sex-positive message, there’s no limit to the sexual resources offered at Brown. If you’re into sexual health and killer acronyms, the Sexual Health Education and Empowerment Coalition (SHEEC) promotes sexual wellness, as does the Sexual Health Awareness Group (SHAG). If you’re into learning about sex, check out FemSex and MSex, student-run workshops that teach sex-ed and foster healthy dialogue. There is also an opportunity to get involved in the Sexual Assault Peer Education (SAPE) program, a group that educates students about ending sexual violence.

And if looking into having sex, there’s no shortage of options for that either. Though SPG isn’t happening, there are countless other parties where you can seek out a partner, from Machado Pain & Fromage socials to sports house keggers depending on your taste. It’s not a secret that Brown students are into the hookup culture, but they are more down to date than it seems—go out on a limb and ask someone out to froyo (not necessarily a code word for sex). As for where to get down and dirty, Keeney laundry rooms provide a thrill, and for exhibitionists, check out the roof of Metcalf (not like it hasn’t been done before, though). Still don’t know where to find sex at Brown? Chances are that if you’re on the 13th floor of the SciLi, a wink and nod to the stacks is all it’ll take.


Everyone finds empowerment through a different medium, and SPG was just one of the many spaces at Brown designed to be empowering. Many groups focus on those who have been historically disempowered, including the Queer Alliance, Feminists at Brown, and the (recently renamed) Brown Center for Students of Color. Try taking on power in the political sense by running for a position on the Undergraduate Council of Students or protesting for a cause you believe in. More literally, join emPOWER, which encompasses environmental activism-focused student groups. One of their most popular campaigns is “Do it in the dark”—fulfill two of SPG’s tenets at once!

If you want physical power, hit up the Nelly or the Bear’s Lair to get swole. On the other hand, if body freedom empowers you, go to Nudity in the Upspace this week (or just streak across the Main Green). Or maybe you’ve always wanted to try taking on power in the bedroom: check out College Hill Kink, which provides a safe space for interested students. Finally, find empowerment on a Friday night with Power Hour—nothing shows off your ability to get EMSed power like pounding down a beer shot a minute.


Whether you find God through religion, orgies, meditation, or an altered mental state, Brown has something for you. The Office of the Chaplains and Religious Life hosts many religious communities, including the Brown Muslim Students Association, Brown RISD Hillel, the Hindu Students Association, and the Brown-RISD Catholic Community. These offer a range of services, prayer groups, learning sessions, and cultural celebrations that allow you to connect to your interpretation of God in your own way. Also, check out non-religious spiritual experiences, like the Yoga and Mindfulness group, the Brown Meditation Community, and the Contemplative Studies Initiative.

If you’re looking for something a little closer to the God of SPG, try a Lupo’s concert or even a frat basement—you never know where you’ll find that connection. Alternatively (or simultaneously), perhaps you feel closer to God in an altered state of mind. Try heightening your sense of reality in the bamboo garden, or experiment with mixing your own ambrosia—it’s the drink of the Gods, after all (Godka soda, anyone?). SPG, GCB, same deal.

Good luck in your sexual, powerful, and godly endeavors, Brunonia!

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