Things that make us more anxious than they should


All day, everyday.

Every college student covets the fabled “chill” state, or hakuna matata (it means no worries). The truth is that it’s very hard to be in a state of complete relaxation when you’ve got two midterms on the same day, a problem set due the next, and a long overdue call to your granny who so kindly sent you that card with $20 so you could “buy yourself something nice.” I also think that Brown students are just inherently more sensitive to the most trivial of situations. Let’s consider the following:

The trash bin conundrum

Who knew throwing away your trash could be so stressful? Take the Ratty, for example. You have a trash bin for food scraps only, and a normal trash bin for all other things. Ok, I guess this doesn’t seem like such a daunting task…until you accidentally throw a bundle of paper napkins and your spoon in the scraps bin, and feel like a total planet killer. You might as well deny climate change, while you’re at it!

Trash bins on the Main Green and in the Blue Room are also unnecessary complicated. You’re afraid that the solar compact thing will eat your hand, but your food container simply won’t fit through the tiny opening of the regular trashcan. Oh well, the squirrels will take care of it.

The email that should have never been

sofia blog2

It’s 3a.m., and you just realized that you forgot to send that extremely important email to your professor. “It’s ok,” you think. “I’ll just draft it and send it first thing tomorrow morning!” Except, you press send by accident and the world starts to crumble. To make matters worse, the email may be incomplete. Great. Now your professor will think you’re a sleepless weirdo AND an uncivilized millennial for not ending with “Best, …”

I ignored Gail and everything hurts

It is scientifically proven that a Gail a day keeps the doctor away. Her signature “Hiiiii” can cure any malaise. Sometimes, however, we’re in such a hurry that we forget to say “Hi” back, or ask how she’s doing. Though her face conveys unshakeable resilience, we all know she is hurting deep down, and this will forever rest in your conscience.

I stepped on the Pembroke Seal and everything will hurt (in 9 months)


You always do your best to avoid stepping on the Pembroke Seal, but there are days when you are just too distracted to notice where you step. The naysayers may argue that this is just a silly myth; stepping on the seal will neither get you pregnant nor prevent you from graduating. How funny, since we all know that they will be the ones doing parkour-style leaps around the steps once it starts snowing and visibility=0.

It’s easy to get a lil’ jumpy over seemingly inconsequential things, but hey, increased paranoia is a natural part of growing up- yay! Comment below with the little things that get you all shaken up.

(Now, go finish that paper and get off Blog before everyone at Blue State thinks you’re a total slacker.)

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