Providence Coffee Shop Round-Up

Fall break is almost upon us. For those of us staying in Providence for the long weekend, this downtime is ideal for exploring new places in the area. While Blue State will always be near and dear to our hearts, it’s time to get off the Hill and see where else you can get a coffee buzz. See below for some of the best places in Providence to enjoy some down time and get your caffeine fix.


White Electric Coffee

White Electric Coffee is a bagel-eating and coffee-drinking hipster’s haven. Located on Westminster street, White Electric’s menu includes a variety of breakfast and lunch items, including an impressive list of alternative bagel toppings that range from Laughing Cow cheese, to Tofutti cream cheese, to Nutella. The coffee is claimed to be “some of the best in Providence,” oh, and they make their own coffee stout.


Dave’s Coffee

In my opinion, a great coffee shop must have four things: 1) delicious coffee (duh), 2) comfortable ambiance, 3) nice people, and 4) good food. Dave’s Coffee meets all these requirements to the utmost degree. Just a short walk down the Hill on South Main St., Dave’s is an awesome space to spend hours reading on their comfortable benches, sipping on a honey latte (trust us, it’s the bomb), chowing down on a homemade scone, or just hanging out with the friendly staff who works there.


The Shop

If you’re the type of person who dreams to drink coffee out of mason jars, this is the spot for you. Treat yourself to a cold brew out of The Shop’s keg, or try some multigrain toast with ricotta, black pepper, and honey (served to you on a wood cutting board, no less). This is a great place for a temporary escape and is only a short walk down Wickenden St. towards India Point Park.


Small Point Café

This cafe is certainly not new, but it’s off the beaten path for most. Venture down Westminster and visit Small Point Cafe, a cozy, independent café that prides itself on being sustainable and affordable. This place has the most aesthetically pleasing lattes and has great natural light for studying, reading, or just relaxing.



Stroll down Ives St. to find this tiny coffee shop that prides itself on being family owned and operated. Additionally, Malachi’s is known for its assortment of vegan options and friendly service. This quaint little shop is a great place for catching up with friends and tasting some kooky-flavored coffees (Snickerdoodle coffee, anyone?)…or for studying for your seven and a half midterms next week.


L’Artisan Cafe

Down in the heart of Wayland Square you’ll find L’Artisan Cafe, a coffee shop and mini marketplace that provides a great venue for wiling away the hours paper-writing and people-watching. Shelves are stocked with artisan snacks and salads to-go, while a glass case of homemade pastries, sandwiches, and soups will make you drool as you wait to order your iced mocha latte. The cafe is just a 10-15 minute walk from campus, offers free wifi and outdoor seating, and receives a lot of light. However, be warned – if you’re trying to avoid run ins with professors or TAs, choose another spot. (True life: I see at least one every time I venture here).


Teas and Javas

An additional coffee shop escape in Wayland Square is Teas and Javas – a cafe that offers strong coffee, an extensive Mediterranean breakfast and lunch menu (their yogurt parfait is DANK), and a great working environment. Did we also mention that they have gelato? Treat yo self.

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