Sextion: Getting with your TA


I tend to be attracted to people with the ability to solve differential equations or who thought CS15 was “easy.” Throw in a cute smile and some hipster glasses and my panties will be dropping. But what about when that person happens to be grading your work and running review sessions before midterms? A.K.A. when that person is your TA. Something about how they answer your questions makes you all hot and bothered. So, is it ok to try and get with your TA? As a TA myself, I do enjoy some tactful flirting once in a while. Just don’t be obnoxious. After all, I’ve hooked up someone that I TA’ed.

I’ve also been other side of the scenario. More than once I’ve gone to TA sessions just because I wanted to get an eyeful. I’ve also plotted with friends on how to get my TA to the GCB so I could get them tipsy and then hit on them. I know…shameless. Nevertheless, unless you’re going to be violating the school’s code of academic conduct, I say go for it. Time to get frisky with intellectual authority.

Step One: The first step to get with your TA is to be doing well in the class. They clearly care about the material, and so should you. Passion is sexier than nonchalance. But also don’t be afraid to ask questions – a good question can show how engaged you are.

Step Two: The next step is to talk to them about something other than the class material. It also helps if you have mutual friends. Otherwise, you’ll have to try a little harder. Lingering after their hours, or showing up early, can be a good way to fit in some non-class oriented conversation. Figure out what their interests are. And, if you absolutely have to, use Facebook-stalking as a last resort.

Step Three: Try to get some one-on-one time. If they offer to help you outside of their normal hours, that’s a good sign, but don’t read too far into it – they might just be doing it to be nice. If you can meet up, see how they react to flirtations. Invite them to your friend’s party and see if they show up. Ask them if they’d like to grab a cup of coffee before class one day. Or, if you’re that confident, you could just ask them out.

An alternative scenario: you see your TA at a party. The conversation starts flowing, they’re making a lot of eye contact with you, and they’re laughing at things you say that aren’t really all that funny. What’s your next move? It depends on how awkward you want the next review session to be. You could dance dirty and then make out. Or you could get their number. You have to decide what is your end goal.

Hooking up and then never talking again could make for some seriously awkward TA hours later in the semester. Personally, I’d rather just be asked out, but not everyone has the same preferences. Some people are up for the no-strings-attached hookup.

At the very least, smile a lot and be nice at TA hours. Also, sincerely thanking them for their help goes a long way. So if you’re lucky, or a Greek god, maybe they’ll initiate something.

I’ve been told that there are plenty of hot TAs out there this semester.

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    I take it that Margaret the TA is a fictitious identity. If the narrative were real, it would make you truly an unethical sick f@ck.

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