Fall foliage 2014: What’s hot, what’s not

Fall in New England is a wonderful season. It brings crisp days, fresh apples, and pumpkin-flavored everything. But most importantly, the leaves are changing color. Fall just isn’t fall without trees bursting into fiery pigments as if trying to outdo each other in exuberance before winter repaints the world with its icy-grey palette. Let’s take a walk around campus to see what’s trending in arboreal fashion this year.


What you see here is the classic yellow. Though this tree is not being as adventurous as it could be, it certainly gets credit for consistency. Verdict: Warm. I don’t feel like your heart is really in it.


Trick or (spicy orange) treat! This tree is doing more than just showing off how bright it can be. That sizzling orange just screams Halloween. Trees love to dress up! Verdict: Hotter than toasted pumpkin seeds.


Un-im-pressed. Your leaves are brown, this is Brown, we get it. Grow up. Verdict: Colder than cider on ice.


Pushing boundaries, I like that. This tree is challenging the whole “fall” hype by dressing in the classic Christmas colors green and red. Love the irony, but you are still obviously not a Christmas tree. Verdict: Hot chocolate that won’t burn your tongue.


Hmmm I dig the orange/green blend. Points for mixing colors on the individual-leaf level, too. Verdict: Oven on preheat for apple pie. You’ve got potential, and you’re barely more than a sapling. Keep up the good work, kiddo.


You’re late for Nudity in the Upspace, tree. Put some clothes on. Verdict: As cold as you would be standing naked on the quad in October.


Wow! Now this is something I can work with. Most trees settle on just one color (looking at you, yellow), but this crazy baby is rocking orange, red, yellow, and green. You go girl! Verdict: Ouch, too hot to handle!


 Images via Ari Snider ’18.

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