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The New York Times‘ “Where College Graduates Are Choosing to Live” looks at the flipside of the normal post-Brown narrative: move to New York or San Fran, instead focusing on unexpected cities drawing a high percentage of college graduates.

The Blood Harvest” from The Atlantic is the fascinating account of exactly what it sounds like–the harvesting of horseshoe crabs for their blue blood that, due to ameobocytes, can detect even extremely low bacterial contamination. Horseshoe crab blood is used in the LAL test, which every drug certified by the FDA must pass.


The Stradivarius Affair,” from Vanity Fair, explores a low-level street criminal’s bizarre theft of a rare $6 million violin known as the Lipinski from the Milwaukee Symphony.

Is the Affordable Care Act Working?” from The New York Times is a refreshingly apolitical and statistical look at one of the most politically charged debate of the 21st century–Obamacare.

Christian Bale vs. Michael Keaton isn’t the only Batman debate to be had. “The Evolution of The Batman Logo, From 1940 To Today” is an infographic that brings up another important Batman talking point: which iteration of the logo is the best?

New York Magazine‘s “Live From the Front Lines of College Party, USA,” a personal account of an “I’m Shmacked”-sponsored party, makes you grateful Brown is as quiet as it is on a Saturday night.

The drug trade is rarely something a college student thinks of before procuring a little bag of green–or white. Much like our food, we don’t normally ask how it got here. But Slate‘s “Why Buying Cocaine Is Like Donating To The Nazi Party” begs you to ask that question by putting a face on those forced to partake in the Mexican drug trade.

And in video content, the Times‘ released a “Retro Report” on “The Cost of Campaigns,” that looks at the Watergate campaign finance reforms and how they’re operating (or not) today.

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