Group Halloween costumes for specific numbers of people


Last week, my friend grexted group texted all of our of friends, saying, “GUYS there are 7 of us and 7 deadly sins… Halloween costume or what?” If you have the right number of friends for a particular group costume, you pretty much have to do it. Here we’ve come up with some great group costumes if you happen to have exactly the right number of people. Some might be a little tough to coordinate, but we trust you all to try your best.


206: A skeleton

This isn’t just a normal halloween skeleton costume. With 206 people, you can each be a different bone in the human body! Get really good at walking in formation, and together you’re a skeleton. You can also get clever with the individual bones—dibs on being the funny bone.


42: The meaning of life

This one is really easy: you just have to get 42 people together. Rally together your entire seminar or your freshman unit. You don’t even have to wear anything special, just cluster together and make it clear that there are 42 of you. It’s also really deep.


1001: The Arabian Nights

There are a few ways you can interpret this one. You could each be an actual character from a story in One Thousand and One Nights. You could each dress up as the literal night, by wearing black and sticking glow-in-the-dark stars all over yourself. Or you could go super punny and wear a knight costume! LOL!


613: The 613 mitzvot

Mitzvot are the Jewish commandments, and with 613 of them, there is something for everyone! You could dress up as honoring your mother and father, not reaping the entire field, not eating or drinking like a glutton or a drunkard, or circumcision. This costume is perfect because Halloween falls on Shabbat, and you’ll definitely have a minyan!

two and half

2.5: Two and A Half Men

If you happen to have half a person handy, perhaps a casualty from a cut-the-lady-in-half trick gone wrong or just a really short friend, you can be the show Two and A Half Men! So punny!


300,000,000: The speed of light 

This is perfect for the population of America! Everyone dresses up as a light bulb, or just wears lots of glow sticks, and runs around all night at 1 meter/second, so that together you’re going the speed of light. That’s how physics works, right? Watch out for those pesky relativistic effects!


435: The House of Representatives

If you happen to get 435 people on board—maybe all of your Instagram followers—you can each dress up as a different member of the House of Representatives. Dress up as the state of your chosen House member or as an issue he or she believes in, and then fight with each other all night.


250+: Imagine Brown 250+

If you have greater than or equal to 250 people, you can all be Imagine Brown 250+. All you have to do is use you imagination.


17,907,438,467,231: The national debt

If you’re going for the scare factor, this costume is the way to go. Get together 17 trillion of your closest friends and each dress as a red dollar bill—get it, because the country is in the red by that many dollars! And this number is rising every second (check here for the current amount), so as you go trick-or-treating you can just pull people in with you to keep the count accurate.


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