BlogDH’s Movember contest: Who owns Brown’s best facial hair?


If the pitch black late afternoon and very Providence-y weather yesterday haven’t made it clear, it’s the second half of pumpkin spice season/the early stages of Christmas commercials season/November. That means we’ve come to the 30 days in which it is socially acceptable to not shave any of the hair on your face, regardless of how gross the end result might be–it’s Movember.

Thankfully, a foundation has managed to leverage this tradition into some real charitable good. The Movember Foundation has raised over $500 million to fight prostate cancer and testicular cancer in the United States and around the world.

In honor of Movember, we want to see the best facial hair Brunonia has to offer. Email your submissions to blog(at) anytime between now and December 1st (that way you have time to grow out a masterpiece like the one in the above picture). Before/after photos are highly encouraged. We will announce the winners—across many preposterous categories—during the first week of December. We’re looking forward to seeing your submissions!

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