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Downtown should look like this.

I know that this opinion will not be popular, but neither am I. Just kidding, I have lots of friends. But even they probably do not agree with what I am about to say, which is that I am sick of this nice(ish) weather. It is November and I am ready for the slow descent into frigid winter. It’s bad enough that I am writing this on November 12 while wearing sandals, but if it does not snow by Christmas I will fall apart.

The list of reasons why it should be colder outside are as numerous as they are polarizing (that’s a pun) but first and foremost, this mild weather is absolutely KILLING the Christmas (and holiday) spirit. Sorry if you’re from California, but the holiday season is not the holiday season without snow. Just look at some of these (non-religious, I’m half Jewish so calm down) top Christmas Carols:

Winter Wonderland

Frosty the Snowman

Let It Snow

Yes, let it snow! I don’t want to listen to any of these songs in shorts and a T-shirt. I want to listen to them as I thaw my frost-bitten hands on a cup of peppermint hot chocolate. I want the November/December paradox of simultaneously hating and loving that I have to put on 3 layers just to go outside. I’m not saying I’m going to go out and build a snowman myself, but I want neighborhood children to have that option.


Think of the kids!

I know, I know, Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet. There’s still time to save Christmas. But if the weather doesn’t change soon, the weeks when the cold and snow are still fun diminish substantially. Being outside in the cold is much more enjoyable when you’re running from store to store buying gifts under a banner of colored lights. Snow is still magical and beautiful when carols are blasting from every window. November-December are the only enjoyable times of winter and we are missing them.


I’m done with iced coffee.

As we all know, the day after New Years Eve, the cold becomes public enemy #1 and spring cannot come fast enough. But the longer it stays warm now, the longer it’s going to stay cold then. So not only is this weather a persistent reminder of the fact that we are slowly destroying our planet and simultaneously ruining the holiday season, it is also an ominous foreshadowing of a truly horrible spring.

So Mother Nature, Father Christmas, or whoever has the authority here, please bring colder weather ASAP. I am dreaming of a white Christmas, but I’m also dreaming of a day soon when I can both drink a hot beverage and see my own breath. Because hot apple cider should be warmer than the air outside.

(Ed. – Don’t worry, it’s coming.)

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    This is stupid. Praised be the sun, deliverer of warmth.

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