RIP Shades Plus, you will be missed

The rumors are true; today, Shades Plus will close its doors forever. No longer will $5.99 sunglasses be available to you on your walk home to/from Pembroke; no longer are we safe in the knowledge that a zebra mask, pink wig, or whoopee cushion are available to us at a moment’s notice.

I, for one, will really mourn the loss. Shades Plus is was a happy, super weird place that I have only visited under the most joyous of circumstances, i.e. spring weekend freshman year, when I needed cool/ironic sunglasses that I could step on and not feel stressed about. It was there every Halloweek, when all I needed to pull my outfit together was a colored hairspray or some fake blood, and in preparation for a friend’s birthday, when I knew a tacky, plastic, feathered crown would add a much needed finishing touch.

Shades Plus had all the things you need that you aren’t necessarily sure exist, like cupcake shaped erasers and syringe pens. As our more formal other half put it, “At Shades Plus, students would often purchase ‘random stuff, like fake mustaches,’ for fun or special holiday occasions.” There really is no other way to put it. Bye Shades Plus, we will miss you, especially on fun or special holiday occasions.

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