How to wear long underwear this winter

Listen up, kiddos: Father Winter is here and he’s not going to move his fat frigid ass until April. But fret not. The key to enjoying winter is to dress warmly, and the key to dressing warmly is to wear long underwear. Though long underwear is traditionally worn on the legs, it works almost anywhere on the body. Here are a few suggestions that will keep you feeling warm and looking cool all winter long:

1. Undies-over-Collar


Legend holds that this classic looks dates back to the Tudor Dynasty. A long underwear scarf functions much like a normal scarf, but is lighter and more sexy.

2. Outdoor Hand Warmers


Main Green is deserted in winter because most people can’t stand the cold. But if you arm yourself with thermals, you’ll have the quad all to yourself on those clear November days.

3. Pippi Long Johns


Forgot your hat at home? No worries. Just whip out your thermals and put ’em on your noggin. The elastic waist band makes for a snug fit while the legs offer endless braiding opportunities.

4. The Saucy Skullcap


This look keeps your head and one arm toasty warm while promoting a healthy posture. Perfect for walking between classes or just taking a stroll through town.

5. Indoor Hand Warmers


We’ve all been there: You’re trying to keep up with your notes, but the room is so cold that your fingers get stiff. Thermostat issues will not be a problem once you start wearing long undies on your hands.

6. Bibbie Smalls


Bibs are so useful, and this winter they are back in style! Thermal bibs will keep your neck warm during meals and are easy to wash.

7. The Half-and-Half


Don’t you hate it when one arm and one leg are colder than the other arm and leg? Problem solved.

Images via Kate Talerico ’18 

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