BearDailyHerald meets Armstrong, Da Vinci, Jesus, etc.

We here at BlogDH love BearDailyHerald, our lovable yet oddly menacing mascot, and love putting him over people’s faces. But BearDailyHerald is so much more versatile than just ensuring anonymity. Once I learned how to put him into any picture, there was no stopping me. Here it goes.

1. “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bear.” —Muhammad Ali


2. Has someone done this before? I feel like someone must have done this before.


3. #meta

Brown Bear

4. BearDailyHerald is on vacation.

Grand Canyon

5. BearDailyHerald is a real sucker for tourist traps. Come on, why are you so into those tourist traps?

Leaning tower


Loch Ness

7. One small post for Blog, one giant leap for Ari’s photo-editing skills.

Moon landing

8. “I cannot tell a lie. I am truly a png file of BearDailyHerald’s head.” —George Washington

Mount Rushmore

9. Like the rest of the world, BearDailyHerald calls it football, not soccer. Get with the program.


10. Ancient Egyptians worshipped BearDailyHerald, because he built the pyramids.


11. Oh golly I can change the width of the image? Computers are so cool.

Washington Monument

12. Da Vinci was truly ahead of his times.

Da Vinci Man

13. BearDailyHerald! Didn’t I tell you that Waldo was nothing but trouble? Come back this instant, I have two more bear-related puns to make!

Where's waldo

14. Australia is bearly a continent. Whew, glad I got that one off my chest.


15. “One of you here will beartray me.” —Jesus of Nazareth

the last supper

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