When We Were Young: AOL Instant Messenger

Remember that sound? It was the signal that you were oh so close to chatting with your friends before text messages and Snapchats existed. Topics of conversation included *NSYNC, Avril Lavigne, and Neopets. Once in the fifth grade, I coordinated a phone call with (mostly) everyone in my class made up of strings of three-way phone calls while also chatting on AIM. This was long before GroupMe was even a thing. I know, I was ahead of my time.

Before clerical Gmail addresses existed, AIM usernames were a way to mark your pre-teen personality and talk to your friends and SmarterChild.

BlogDH is embarrassing ourselves throwing it back by sharing our AIM usernames with you all.

It’s All About the Digits

Carolyn Rachofsky – razzles29495

Carolyn, along with Jenna Rink from 13 Going on 30, is a fan of Razzles, the candy that turns into gum and colors your tongue. Carolyn’s determination hasn’t wavered since she was young, and she made sure she chose a five-digit number harder than an ATM PIN code  in order to make her username available.

Danielle Perelman – dramaqueen52095

Unlike Carolyn’s numerical AIM username, Danielle may never be able to forget hers because she was smart enough to use her full birthday. Be sure to wish her a theatrical “Happy Birthday” on May 20th!

Georgia Tollin – duckyt29

Nickname + Initial + Random Number = AIM Gold. Georgia hates odd numbers, so the reasoning behind 29 remains a mystery.

Hank Winton – rocknrolla14

Young Hank quickly found out that he had a community of fellow rock and roll fans behind him when he had to type the numbers 1-13 before the “14” made his username available.

Our Pre-Teen Obsessions

Albie Brown – agentalbie

Somewhere in the depths of the Internet lies a professionally-produced music video of a young Albie Brown singing a beautiful rendition of “Secret Agent Man.” He thus wholeheartedly earned the right to use “agentalbie” as his cyber alias.

Charlotte Bilski – eeveetwerp

Charlotte used some sisterly inspiration to create this gem. Her sister’s username inspired Charlotte to use her favorite Pokemon,  she stole the word “twerp” from her other sister, and combined the two together to create her own username. It was truly a Bilski family effort.

Kenji Endo – thesuperllama7

Who doesn’t love llamas? Kenji loved them so much, he wanted cyberspace to recognize him as one as well. Not just any llama, but The Super Llama.

Mark Valdez – mavreader

This creation was a combination of my initials (Mark Anthony Valdez) and my favorite hobby at the time, reading. My password was hp1fan (Harry Potter’s number one fan). I don’t think my current password is as intricate.

Up for Interpretation

Kate Storey-Fisher – onceinapurplemoon

Kate decided to take an interpretative spin on the phrase “Once in a blue moon” using her favorite color. What is a purple moon? We still don’t know.

Jacob Koffler – Mushupork17

While moo shu may be misspelled, Jacob’s username leaves itself open to inquiry as to who the boy behind the name truly is.

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