Little Victories: Finals edition

Little Victories!

With the cold winds sweeping through campus and the specter of finals looming large, an end of semester pick-me-up felt appropriate. Presenting Little Victories: December Finals edition:

1) When the first question on the exam is from the textbook and you did it the previous night: Exams are tricky. You never know exactly what to prepare or what devious mind-warping questions the professor will come up with. Under such circumstances, seeing a previously solved question is like sighting a friend amidst a crowd strangers – a wonderful feeling and the sense that everything is going to be OK.

2) When you are the first person in line at the Ratty omelet bar: There are a few things that make as scrumptious a breakfast as a freshly made omelet. Consequently, there is always a line at the Ratty omelet bar. Sometimes, by the rarest of occurrences (i.e. by getting up early) you will find yourself at the head of this gathering. When that moment comes, savor it. Fill the order form with a bold flourish and remember to glance at the large overhead clock to rejoice in all the minutes you just saved.

3) The blast of warmth that greets you when you return from your outdoor adventures: Providence weather in December is miserable. It is frigid and the gusts of ice-cold winds can penetrate through the thickest armor of woollens. In such conditions, walking between classes seems like a miniature trek to the Antarctic. However, every long journey has its reward, and for the brave 9a.m. class goer there is the life-affirming warmth that comes when you finally stumble into a campus building.

4) When you get tickets for an event just before they get sold out: Getting tickets for certain extremely popular events (like the Nick Offerman talk) is slightly reminiscent of the Hunger Games: there are limited spots and no shortage of contestants. In situations like this, only the alacrity with which you click matters. Many times you’ll be too slow on the uptake, and the dreaded “sold out” notification will appear on the webpage. But sometimes you’ll time the click just right and get the ticket minutes before they run out.

5) When you wake up feeling well rested: The fact that college students are sleep-deprived is widely-known. However, many well intentioned adults believe this is by choice “Oh young blood,” they mutter indulgently, little knowing that burning the midnight oil is often a necessity, not a whim. However, there are some days, though a precious few, when you wake up feeling well rested having partaken heavily of “tired nature’s sweet restorer.”

Good luck on finals, everyone! And remember to stop and appreciate all of the little victories around you.

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  1. Surbhi madan

    This was a nice spark of optimism in these times of the final grind. It really makes life that much more worthwhile when one can appreciate the little joys of life. Recently, I’ve been putting into habit writing down one thing at the end of the day that made me smile that day. It could be as little as catching the CIT elevator on time or laughing at something someone might have said . Little victories give life and joy to my day, and today’s was definitely reading this article. It made me smile 🙂

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