Roof on Pizzitola Sports Center collapses


In breaking news for all non-athletes, the Pizzitola Sports Center has finally become relatable. Apparently, the building hates this winter just as much as you do. Sometime last night, the canvas roof above the tennis courts at Pizzitola gave out. We guess it finally decided that enough was enough. Athletes attending morning practice today were greeted with this situation:


As of now, there’s a big crane stationed in front of the sports center. The current task is to remove the snow from the roof, using a scale pan that is lifted and lowered by the crane, to remove the pressure. After the snow has been cleared, the roof needs to be fixed, and then the cleaning of the tennis courts will follow. Workers from facilities commented that heat usually melts the snow on the fabric before it becomes a problem, but it seems that the accumulation from three snowstorms was too much.

Brown published its own assessment of the situation on the University website. Apparently, the roof on Pizzitola’s tennis courts also failed in 2011 and needed to be replaced. At the time, there was even more snow and the water damage reached all of the way to the basketball court, on the first floor. This year, the damage has been contained to the fourth floor tennis courts. The rest of the building is accessible and varsity sports teams are continuing to practice despite construction.


Unfortunately, we were denied access to the fourth floor. There were security guards at both entrances to the courts, and no one was allowed in for safety reasons.

Brown’s official statement suggests that the damaged facilities will be mended as soon as possible. The sentiment from the actual construction workers: “It’s gonna be a while.” Considering the nature of the roof material, it is unlikely that any other buildings on campus are at risk. However, if you live under a canvas tarp that is exposed to the elements, we advise you to take the necessary precautions.

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  1. Brown '13

    What is it with the roofs collapsing on our sports buildings? Maybe the roof will collapse on the OMAC next, and then they’ll build a replacement that isn’t so hideous.

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